6 Home Remedies You Can Find In Your Kitchen

Everyone wants to rush to the doctor in case of any problem or disease, but wait a minute, you can solve your issues by simply visit to your fridge in the kitchen. We all have been in the situation where we can’t go to the doctor so we could use the Home Remedies as a healer.

Sometimes, our body doesn’t allow us to tolerate the chemicals or drugs so in this case our kitchen is enough. To boost your nutrients, energy or intake of minerals or to eliminate very annoying problems like hiccups, rashes or irritations its important to know about the 6 home remedies in your kitchen.

1. Oatmeal For Eczema – Home Remedies

Most people prefer to eat the oatmeal in the breakfast, which helps to cool down the itching or irritated skin. Oatmeal includes the phytochemicals that relax the body rashes because of anti-inflammatory properties.

Just take the ¼ cup of oatmeal and add the water to make the paste, then apply to your infected part of the body for 10 minutes.

home remedies for eczema

2. Prunes For Constipation

Wet plums are just amazing to eat, but have you ever tried to eat dried plums? People tend to use these plums in various foods, hence known as the prunes. They are rich in insoluble fiber, best nutrient to fight against stubborn constipation.

Wayne Andersen, MD, medical director of Take Shape for Life, a weight loss program from Medifast says, “Insoluble fiber doesn’t dissolve in water and creates more bulk so waste can push through the digestive system”. Start your day with one or two prunes and see the magical results.

prunes for constipation

3. Curd For Diarrhea

Curd is one of the best options and home remedies in your kitchen if your stomach is upset or you are suffering from diarrhea. The main reason of diarrhea is the harmful bacteria that cause infections in your body. Try to make habit to eat curd daily and in no time it will act as the power food.

So the best remedy is to eat a cup of plain curd twice a day after your meal if you are in bad condition. This will help to maintain the balance of good bacteria in your intestines.

curd for diarrhea

4. Lemons For Ulcers

As we all know lemons helps us to get rid of many problems like ulcers. The ulcers in mouth are now the common problem every single person should know, which is caused due to the deficiency of Vitamin C. It can result to the irritation in the mouth.

If you can’t suck the lemons, then the other option is to have the lemon juice which will heal the problem as the Vitamin C is found in huge quantity in lemons.

lemons for ulcers

5. Sugar For Hiccups

Whenever you hiccup, the diaphragm endures a series of twinges, so to stop them just do one thing. Go and take a spoon of sugar and put it underneath your tongue that is the best way to stop the stubborn hiccups.

Dr. Andersen says, “Keep the sugar under your tongue until you stop hiccuping, and then swallow to fill the back of your throat with even more sensation.”

sugar for hiccups

6. Apples For Heartburn

“Apples have pectin, a soluble fiber that’s really great at absorbing stomach acid,” says Dr. Andersen. Avoiding high fat beef, fried or something oil is the best solution to get rid of heartburn. It is the common problem in every person especially the fat ones. If you don’t want to leave that spicy and fatty diet, add apples to your food list.

“Buy organic red or golden delicious apples that are sweeter than the tart granny smiths,” Dr. Andersen suggests. “Sweet apples are considered alkaline foods that work at a cellular level to restore pH balance and prevent GERD.”

apples for heartburns


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