6 Places In Germany That Are Best For Your Holiday 2017

Are you planning your holidays with your loved ones and confused about the ideal destination? If yes, then places in Germany should be your holiday destination next year. The German National tourist Board (GNTB) has gathered the most popular places in Germany and the tourist attractions. This board is interesting to let all the visitors pick their favorite destination in Germany to visit and then one can rank these places according to the votes given by visitors.

The beautiful country Germany is a home of famous and marvelous scenery, historic sites, fairytale castles, gardens and beaches. To enjoy the natural beauty, one must know the amazing places in Germany that are best for the holiday destination in 2k17. Here we go!

1. Berlin

On the very top, we have Berlin, known as one of the amazing places in Germany, also associated with the World War II. The Berlin wall represents the former division of East and West Germany during the Cold War. Now this place has become the sightseeing attraction for all the visitors across the world. The beautiful old houses, sheltered squares, old pubs, gates, fountains, towers and ramparts make this place an awesome one to visit.

famous places in germany

2. Munich

To explore the German cultural scene, Munich should be your first priority. This place is known as the foundation of the world famous Oktoberfest. The beautiful opera houses and theaters give you the mixture of classic, modern and historical era. Not only this, you will be glad to visit the historic churches, royal palaces, barbaric walls, giant shopping centers and nightlife venues there.

munich in germany

3. Black Forest

The beautiful Black Forest with the dark tree-covered hills is present in Germany. The most alluring thing about this forest is it’s wild beauty everyone wants to see once in the lifetime. This is breathtakingly the beautiful place in Germany which depicts the real natural beauty. In this lush green Germany National Park, you can do a lot of stuff and the views here are incomparable. So this destination should be in your list of places to visit in Germany.

black forest germany beautiful scene

4. Neuschwanstein

You can say, a beautiful building, an attractive sight or a castle, this place in Germany is something we can’t miss to visit. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe everyone wants to visit. This gives us the look of fairy tale castle and originally inspired by the Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle. The Neuschwanstein castle was built in 1800’s as an imagination of King Ludwig II of Bavaria, who had a reputation for enduring in daydreams instead of reality.

Neuschwanstein sleeping beauty castle

5. Mainau Island

Also known as a holiday paradise, this Mainau Island is one of the most famous tourist attractions you should visit next year. The Flower Island here is also the worth watching along with other areas. The stunning gardens, incredible park will give freshness to your eye. This attraction surrounds the residence of the Baroque family in Germany, which give this place a plus point to admire.

Mainau Island germany

6. Ramsau

Once you visit Germany, you can’t get tired of visiting the beautiful places there, despite of any weather. Ramsau in Germany is the place no one wants to miss because it’s the first mountaineering village surrounded by the beautiful sights. The mythical mountains and the magical Hintersee lake give you the true love of nature, where you can experience the scenic landscapes by living in the economical and perfect hotels.

ramsau in winters

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