7 Common Things Brown People Do When They Go Abroad

Its Pakistan or America desi people are going to stay desi. Though people mold according to the environment but that does not apply on us desi people.  There are a few things that every Pakistani do while living or on a visit to abroad.

1.   Pictures of each move


Especially if they are visiting some other country, they take pictures literally at every single spot and of everything. And put them on social media and tag everyone they know.

2.Beach trip is must

pakistanis at beach

That is the most common thing desi people do, especially in European countries. They used to visit Beaches and keep staring at the women. Not only they visit beach an album/picture on social media is also mandatory.

3. Littering or spitting

pakistanis atthrowing garbadge from car window beach

They might control on the spitting but they cannot possibly stop littering because that is their thing. Why would they waste their energy in finding when they can throw the garbage anywhere they want?

4. Creating issue on obscene scenes

They do not realize that it is not their country and that it is very common there that people show affection in public. So they make issue when they experience seeing an obscene act in public.

5. Not bothering to learn the basic language

Not bothering to learn the basic language

Even though English is spoken in a lot of countries but most of the desi people that go from Pakistan don’t know English. So they use a bit of what they know and some hand gestures and most of the times end up embarrassing themselves.

6. Talk loud or shut in public

Talk loud on phone

That Is a common habit of desi people they talk too loud. It is embarrassing when you talk loud while talking or phone or to someone or shouting at someone in public. People may get irritated and might report to the police.

7. Pointing at people

pointing things

Desi people don’t change n matter where they go. They make fun of people in public in their own language; they talk about someone while pointing at them. What they don’t realize is that this might get them to jail.



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