7 Healthy Reasons To Eat Kiwi Fruit

Do you love to eat appetizingly sweet and delightfully useful fruit kiwi? This fruit is the national fruit of China and also available in many countries of the world. This sweet and small fruit has a very yummy appearance from inside which attracts every person especially the kids. Kiwis have many benefits like they are good for the heart, they provide vitamins and rich nutrients, they also fight against cancer. It’s amazing green color and exotic taste is what everyone wants so Eat Kiwi Fruit.

This small fuzzy fruit is known as the champion of the fruits so discover tasty ways to eat this super food and add this to your meal. There are many best kiwi recipes, learn them and enjoy the sweet feeling of kiwi. Here we have gathered top 7 healthy reasons to eat kiwi fruit, check them out and discover more health benefits!

1. Packed With Antioxidants

The kiwi fruit packed with many antioxidants, which play a powerful role in your body. The kiwis contain vitamin C and one cup of kiwi contains 164 mg of vitamin C, which is equal to 273% of your daily dose of vitamin C. This antioxidant protects your cellular DNA against damage, can be caused by free oxygen radicals. Moreover, the antioxidant present in the kiwi is stronger than the oranges and grapes.

eat kiwi fruit

2. Vitamin E, Folic Acid and Potassium

The kiwi is a great low-fat, natural source of vitamin E and folic acid, which is actually very good for pregnant ladies. The folic acid encourages brain and helps in the growth of unborn babies and children. Not only this, the kiwi fruit has higher levels of potassium as compared to the banana. Thus, the kiwi is very beneficial for the blood pressure and stops heart problems.

kiwi is good for health

3. Good For Your Heart

Research suggests that by eating 2 to 3 kiwis a day can reduce the blood clotting by 18% and has anti-clotting benefits with no side effects. Kiwis are the greatest way to protect the whole system of cardiovascular, which lead to better heart health. So eat kiwis to get additional health benefits!

kiwi is good for heart

4. Eat Kiwi Fruit To Treat Sleep Disorders

If you are struggling with the sleepless nights, then eat kiwis because they are very rich in serotonin. A study by Lin HH and colleagues showed that after 4 weeks of consuming kiwi, participants with sleep disorders experienced phenomenal effects. Their sleep duration and quality of sleep improved greatly.

healthy reasons to eat kiwi fruit

5. Good For Asthma Patients

The patient with asthma should consume kiwis on a daily basis because kiwi has protective effect against the respiratory symptoms like wheezing. A study suggests that children who ate kiwi at least 5 to 7 times in a week had a 44% reduced wheezing symptom as compared to those who didn’t consume. Moreover, kiwis are also very good to prevent cough, runny nose and breathlessness.

kiwi for asthma patients

6. Protects Your Eyes

The awesome fact about kiwi is it protects your eyes from ARMD, which is a macular degeneration, a threat to the older group of people. A study shows that by eating 3 or more serving of this fruit per day can decrease the macular degeneration by 36%.  Kiwi has many antioxidants and vitamins that protects your vision so start eating kiwi from today and improve your eyesight.

kiwi protects your eyes

7. Helps To Treat Constipation

Eat Kiwi Fruit because it also helps to cure constipation, which is the common problem found in every person. The stomach pain and diarrhea can also be cured with kiwis. In a study published in Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition, participants with IBS who consumed kiwi fruit were almost relieved of all IBS symptoms. So try to develop the habit of eating kiwis daily and refresh your health.

eat kiwi fruit

You can also make calorie snack, healthy salad, desert, smoothie and many other stuff with kiwis, so go ahead!

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