8 Annoying Advises You’ll Hear From Desi People In Your 20s

How do you feel when someone, especially the elder ones give you Annoying Advises? Someone feels relaxed, while others just want to bang the head on the wall, because giving an advice is very easy, but applying the same advice to themselves is very hard task.

People love to give advises on the daily basis, especially if you are living in the Desi family. These terrible pieces of advises are extremely terrible and we also don’t want to adopt these at any cost. Here we have some annoying advises you will hear from Desi people in your 20s. Have a look!

1. Be Happy!

The ultimate “khush rehne wali” advice will be on everyone’s tongue, who feels that you are so depressed and tensed. Why they don’t know that if someone is sitting silently, it means something is running in his/her mind. It doesn’t mean that he/she is sad.

advises from desi people

2. Past? Please Forget!

In my 16 years of education, everyone said that learnt from your past, but the funda of Desi people will be, forget the past, “bhool jao”.

forget about the past

3. Annoying Advises – Pesa Aani Jaani Cheez Hai!

This is one of the vague statements of Desi people because if pesa is aani jaani cheez then why people make money? Why pesa is not important?

annoying advises from desi people

4. Pakistan Ma Toh Job Hai Hi Nae, Bahar Chale Jao!

Don’t ever listen to the people who have this sort of advice, because it’s your talent that helps you to earn money and fame. No matter whether you live in Pakistan or in abroad.

advises from desi people about abroad

5. You Should Learn Cooking!

Why? Why? Why? Why learning cooking is so important? Can’t we hire a cook or manage food from the outside?

learn cooking advise

6. Don’t Change Ever!

Life is the name of changing, evolution and new experiences and for this you whole personality turns into a new one. So for this reason, change is important.

don't change ever

7. Pehle Kuch Ban Jao, Phir Shadi Karna!

Alas! This is the statement every Desi elder people love to say in the form of advice, because they think that if any man marries a girl without having some sort of job or business then he can’t be successful ever.

parents advise in your 20s

8. For girls/boys’ Relationship!

The famous advice that every Desi parent used to give is to stay away from a girl or boy, because “tum kharab ho jao ghe”.

desi parents weird advise

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