8 Desi Tips For Angry husband

We Brown couples behave so hilarious that no one can do on earth this sentence suits both on stubborn husbands and wives, but for wives, husbands are the most lovable person in the world who know that their husbands are “JODU KA GHULAM”.

angry husband

Well it’s really too much difficult to make the wives happy because they know how to show coquetry on every single reason. This time we’ll give you Desi tips for angry husband because they actually deserve.

Pictures will speak which comes in mind when wives deal with angry husbands.

 1. React calmly in all situations(“JAANU MAAN JAO NA”)

We all know that it’s very difficult to conciliate as a wife because wife only love that her husbands do this, but you have to deal his anger very calmly by thinking negative only in the mind.

angry wife

2. Cook his favorite foods (“MARD K DIL KA RAASTA US K PAIT SE NIKLTA HAI”)

One of the best totkas for Pakistani women is to cook his husband’s favorite food when he is angry because this is the famous so called phrase of Desi people that

deal angry husband

3.Tell him to do rest all the time (“AP BUS ARAAM KREN”)

Whether it’s a Sunday or a working day if your husband is angry make sure that there should be only one sentence you are going to repeat every hour “AP BUS ARAAM KREN”.

angry husband wife

4.Give him best gifts (“YE AP KE LIYE”)

Although gifts are the best things for the wives, but sometimes to give happiness to your angry Desi husbands gifts are the magical stuffs.

husband salary

5.Spend time with him (“LONG DRIVE P CHAL”)

All you have to do is to spend time with your hubby it will definitely help you out to calm him. Go out for a long drive with him.

angry husband tips

6.Encourage him all the time (“AP KITNE ACHE HAIN”)

Don’t criticize your husband if he is angry affirm him all the time it will give him relaxation and will be pleased with you.

how to handle angry husband

7.Allow him for hanging out with his Friends(“I DON’T HATE YOUR FRIENDS TRUST ME”)

The most difficult task for a wife is to allow her husband to go with his friends. Ask him again and again, which will result in his awesome blossom mood.

Husband wife

8.Let him to meet his family (“JAO SB SE MIL AAO”)

In Pakistan, the main problem with all the wives are they don’t let husbands to meet their family especially sisters so to give your husband proper space allow him to do everything he want.

Allow husband to meet family

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