8 Girl’s habits that guys don’t get

Everybody has weird habits that no one ever confesses of but there are a few weird habits common in all girls that guys don’t get.

1. Faking friendship

women bitching

They say boys can even die for friendship ”bros before hoes”, but girls are not like that. They act sweet with other girls, fake their friendship and then badmouth them behind their backs.

2. Going to restroom in groups

Going to restroom in groups

Women have a thing for going to the rest room in group. Even I, being a woman don’t understand why. I am sure every guy thinks “why the hell they do that” but trust me even we don’t know that.

3. Wearing sunglasses on the head

sun glases on head

Dude, if you are not using the sun glasses, just put in the purse. But no, they wear it on the head all the time.

4. Taking too many pictures

girls photography

That is the most irritating habit of girls, taking too many pictures. Sometimes a hundred pictures in the same pose.

5. The pout (Duck face selfie)

duck face selfie

Girls start pouting as soon as they see a camera. What they don’t realize is that it makes them look stupid not hot because ducks are not hot.

6. The purse

girls bag

Girls always carry a huge purse everywhere with all the unnecessary items in it. You want something? Ask a woman, anything. It will magically appear from her bag. May be they practice weight lifting with that bag.

7. Acting dumb

acting dumb

Girls think that acting dumb make them look cute. I must say no because nobody likes dumb people. You know what is cute? Being smart is cute and attractive.

8. Asking stupid questions

acting dumb

Fat girls ask guys are they fat or not? If answer is no she calls him a liar, if answer is yes, she says you don’t love me anymore. Meanwhile there are some skinny girls who ask are they looking fat? i mean what is wrong with you ladies?

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