9 Things That Make A Desi Dinner Very Special At Home

No one can beat the Desi food made by our Desi mothers at home. Whether we are in our home or in the 5 star restaurant, we cannot live without missing our “AMMI KE HATH KA KHANA”. The amazingly delicious food with our entire family is something beyond perfection. We can never experience the same atmosphere in the restaurant which we can enjoy in our homes with our family and with the Desi Dinner. Here we have 9 things to tell you that make a Desi dinner very special at home.

1. Ghar Ka Desi Garma Garam Khana!

The best thing at the dinner time is to feel the real taste and smell of spices of different dishes that our ammi makes for us. It’s just yummy!

the home made desi dinner

2. The company of big fat Desi family is just amazing to enjoy the best food.

From the elder people to the smallest FARD of the home should be there at the time of dinner because it is the tradition of our Pakistani family.

dinner with big fat family

3. Eating with gossips is something no one can stop!

In the Pakistani family, our dinner cannot be completed if we don’t have any sort of gossiping and the important discussions.

desi dinner along gossips

4. Creepy laughter is the part of Desi dinner!

Our family members cannot stop their dinner without some cranky jokes and sometimes you can see that their food will be coming out of their mouths because of laughsss.

laughter is the part of desi dinner

5. Your abbu ammi is there, so be ready for a serious lecture!

Don’t joke too much otherwise the serious unavoidable lecture will be there. So shut up!

desi lecture during desi dinner

6. The passing moment is also there, yeh dena, who dena, pani daal do please. The reaction will be,

If you are living in a Pakistani Desi family, then you can’t ignore that person at the dinning table who wants you to give her/his a glass of water or roti.

moments at desi dinner

7. Mujhe leg piece chahye warna mujhe khana ni khana!

That fight over a single leg piece will blow your mind at the dinning table.

fight over leg piece

8. Where is the Meetha???

No one will dare to leave the kursi without some meethi thing after Desi dinner.

sweet dish after desi dinner

9. And finally Kal kia pakna question will arise!

We live for food, we want to die for food. So everyone has to answer the question of ammi that what to make for tomorrow.

desi moments in desi family

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