Aamir Khan In Worst Phase Of His Life, Unable To Face Media

Aamir khan who is considered to be the mister perfectionist for bollywood is facing difficult situation in his life these days. The superstar has recently increased 30kg weight due to which severe health issues are being faced by him but the story did not end there. He has recently targeted by all the Indians for just giving his own point of view. Superstar and his family are in great danger as the people are collecting outside his home to protest and burning his posters.

Target of shiv sena.

shiv sena against amir khan

The extremist group of India is protesting against the superstar these days as the government and all its superstars are completely against the star. Shiv sena has offered an amount of 1 lac for slapping aamir khan. it has happened because aamir gave a statement about the changing environment of india.

What did aamir say.

amir khan about shiv sena

Aamir khan has recently said in an interview being given to media that his wife asked him to move out of india due to the changing environment of the country. He told about his concerns about the statement of his wife that he has never listened such a statement by her side. His wife takes it as a danger for their son. According to his wife, their son is taking wrong lessons from the newspapers and all other media channels as intense news are told there on daily basis in which the religious intolerance is shown clearly then what his son will learn from it and how it will impact him?

Support and criticism.

hindu against amir khan

Just after expressing his own thoughts the actor was badly targeted by all the Indians. There were only few people who were standing with him like the party that is not in government. Even the actors who has worked in many movies with the Khan gave tweets on social media against him and came up as a slap on his face.

Since the incident took place the Khan is trying to avoid the media by saying that he is not ready to face media anytime soon. He also added up a statement later that he is proud to be an Indian.

The superstar is busy in shooting of his upcoming movie ‘dangal’ and the current scenario became a huge matter of tension for him after the health issues.


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