Aamir Khan Risks His Life For ‘DANGAL’

Mr. perfectionist of bollywood who is famous for doing something different, unusual and heart touching is busy in shooting for his upcoming movie ‘Dangal’ in which he is going to play the role of a wrestler.

Life taking action.


Aamir khan who has inspired billions from his brilliant acting in the all projects especially in his recent movie ‘PK’ was asked to increase 30kg for this movie dangal. He has increased his weight from 68 to 90kg which will depict him as a 55 years old wrestler in the movie.

Health issues.

amir khan fatty

It is not the first time that mister perfectionist is going to do experiment with his body structure to make his movie a block buster, he has done it many times before. But the doctors say that this huge amount of weight can only be increased by the use of steroids which results in the health issues like high blood pressure, skin problems, impotence, heart attacks and even death.

Major issue.

amir khan fatty

The biggest issue is that after gaining a lot of weight for this movie, he is asked to come as a smart man in the very next movie. For that movie, he will have to lose weight as much as he gained which is really going to be life threatening action as it is only possible by putting different kind of high dose injections.

That’s really good that amir always come up with something inspiring and present himself not as an actor like everyone is, but taking these kind of tough decisions which are not only dangerous for himself but for his family too. He should think about that.

We wish amir all the best for his upcoming projects and pray that he would be able to inspire the audience in the same way as he does. Hope that these both life taking matters can easily get resolved and his health doesn’t get spoiled.

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