How Aamir Khan Transformed His Body For Dangal

Aamir Khan is one of the most passionate actors of Bollywood, who can do anything with full dedication. He has won many awards as a Best Director and also Best Actor. Not only this, Aamir Khan is also a great T.V anchor and always gives a 100% at everything he does. Did you know how Aamir Khan transformed his body for Dangal? He actually gained 25 kg in 6 months for his role as Mahavir Phogat and also he shed the extra pounds again to look younger in the movie.

Interview With Aamir Khan

This star has endured the serious physical training to act as the wrestler in his upcoming movie Dangal. In his interview he said,

“I have been concentrating completely on the weight loss. Have given six months before I start shooting for the final schedule of Dangal. In the US I have been training for almost six to seven hours daily. Running, biking, all that I can do.”

how aamir khan transformed his body for dangal

Fitness Routine Of Aamir Khan For His Movie Dangal

We can’t forget to admire his actions again and again, what he has done this time has surprised everyone. His dramatic transformation, which are showing the different ages of wrestler, is mind blowing.

His fitness routine according to a Hindustan Times report would start exercising early in the morning when he was in the US.

“He would kick-start his day at 6 am, and followed a strict weight-loss schedule. He would trek for hours in the hilly regions, which was followed by cycling, weight exercises in the gym, swimming and playing tennis. A special diet was devised for Aamir during the period, which he followed religiously. He lost around seven kilos in a month,” says the source, adding that when he returned to Mumbai on his birthday (March 14), everyone was surprised to see him so lean.”

dangal movie of aamir khan

Five Tips On How Aamir Khan Transformed His Body For Dangal

If you want to make your body just like the Dangal actor Aamir Khan, here is the five tips to do so.

  1. You should burn more calories than you take. On this formulae, Aamir Khan said that, “Just make sure you exercise to burn double the calories that you eat,”
  2. There should be the balanced diet, exercise and rest for the good muscles. “While working on your weight, diet gets 50% weightage while exercise comprises 30% and 20% weightage is given to rest. Only that balance will give you desired results and yet keep you healthy,” says Aamir.
  3. Thirdly, Aamir Khan chose to go with all the veggies instead of meat to lose his weight for the Dangal shooting.
  4. The vital stats are very important. Aamir said that his doctors were regularly checking the stats every two weeks to insure that his health is fine.
  5. The last and best part is the perfect nutrients like 20% healthy fats, 50% carbs and 40% protein. tips to get aamir khan body

Well, after this, we are becoming more impatient that how Aamir Khan transformed his body for Dangal now we can’t wait to see this actor on the big screen.

Video Of Aamir Khan’s Transformation: Fat to Fit

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