Actress Noor Bukhari Got Her Ex-Husband Wali Hamid Kicked Out Of The Event In Lahore

It seems that Pakistani celebrities are facing the worst luck because many couples have parted ways due to their personal differences. One really can’t say the internal issue of couples, whether they are facing something terrible or it’s just a publicity stunt. One after another, we are hearing the news of divorces in Lollywood industry and the recent was about Veena Malik’s controversy related to ‘Khulla’. Actress Noor Bukhari is similar to this and has filed for divorce from her fourth husband Wali Hamid Ali Khan.

actress noor bukhari with husband wali hamid

The couple got married in 2012 during the shoot of Ishq Positive movie, but soon the relationship took a turn for the worse and resulted in a separation between the two.

This March actress Noor Bukhari filed for Khulla and the fight became ugly when Wali Hamid attended the Noor’s event yesterday at a local hotel in Lahore. According to the reports, he arrived without an invitation and sat besides Noor. In the result, Noor Bukhari ordered management to kick out Wali from a hotel.

noor bukhari files for khula

According to the media interviews, Noor said to her husband,

“Why did you come at the event. You and I have no relation now.”

Hamid also shared his thoughts,

“I only came here to give her my best wishes. My best wishes will always be with her. I am not here to discuss personal issues.”

The hotel management intervened and tried to solve the problem between the two. However, it was very unfortunate that Noor kicked out his husband from the hotel.

Speaking to the media outside, Wali said that, “It is a personal issue and I have never talked about my personal problems with the media.”

“She (Noor) is still my wife,” he added.

Meanwhile, Noor also said that it was a personal issue and will be resolved in court.

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It’s really sad to see how couples are going through these days. Because nothing is hidden from the media. Well, it’s their personal issues, but we wish them best of luck for their future.

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