All Of Us Have These 10 Class Fellows

Being a teacher is a very tough job, teachers have to deal with every kind of students. There is no set mold on type of students in a class. A class of 50 will have 50 different personalities, but there are a few types that every class has.

1. The backbenchers

back benchers in class

Let’s start with coolest ones, the backbenchers who always sit in the last rows.  They don’t care what is happening in the class. They are always busy in their own stuff.

2. The cheater

cheating student

The one who does not study a single word but cheats his way in getting good marks in every quiz. They are so good at what they do, that you won’t even kn ow that they copied your whole paper.

3. The nerd

nerd student

Everybody hates “the nerd”. They are overly intelligent and quirky. Teachers love them but everybody else hates them. They are the one who don’t let the teacher miss a class or forget about a quiz.

4. The bully

bully student

Bullies are the ones who always pick on the students specially the nerds. They are often the insecure people who prey on the weak.

5. The class clown

class clown

Every class has one or more students who think it their job to make everyone laugh. They often argue with the teacher to get attention and gets in trouble. But these are the ones who always keep the environment light.

6. The latecomers


They are never on time. Sometimes they even miss the first class and they always have a new excuse every time they come late.

7. The socialite

socil friend

They socialites are nice to everyone and everyone knows him. He is friends with everyone in the class and that’s why he is always surrounded by people.

8. The clueless

clueless student

Clueless, the ones who never gets a joke or sarcasm. They always confused about things. They raise their hands as soon as the teacher ends up explaining something because they don’t get anything.

9. The one with the best notes

student with best notes

There is always a student who makes the best notes and everyone asks for their notes in exams.

10. The sleepyhead

sleeping friend in class

The one who sleeps without any hesitation and fear. They have no idea what is happening in the surroundings. The ones you always envy.





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