All Time Favorite Pakistani Dramas

Despite of the low standard Lollywood movies, Pakistan’s drama industry has managed to maintain a good reputation and has provided us with amazing dramas with good story lines, strong social messages and strong acting.  Even Indian audience is found of Pakistani dramas that’s why their leading TV channels are now broadcasting Pakistani dramas. Though the country has got a huge list of successful dramas on its credit, there are some of the very precious dramas that are truly cherished by the viewers of Pakistan, regardless of age and interest. Here are some all time favorite Pakistani drama you’d want to watch again and again.

Alpha Bravo Charlie

Alpha Bravo Charlie had to be on the top. Directed by Shoaib Mansoor, this action and thriller drama become so popular among Pakistani people and set a new rating for Television Rating Points (TRPS) in Pakistan. The story and the humor this drama gave everyone was so mesmerizing that you never get bored even watching it again and again. It conveyed a very strong message yet it was so well cloaked in the story that it never hammered on people’s minds. Most of the shooting was performed in PMA Kakul. The script involves four main characters: three male army officers and one female who is an educator in a public school.

Alpha Bravo Charlie

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Dhoop Kinare

It was aired on PTV network. The story revolves around a team of doctors and their routines in a hospital in Karachi. A classical love story, starred Rahat Kazmi and Marina Khan in lead roles, was directed by Sahira Kazmi and written by Haseena Moin. Rahat and Marina were the favorite onscreen couple then. The serial enjoyed undeniable success for two further decades after it finished airing. It was the best play of the 80’s.

All Time Favorite Pakistani Drama Dhoop Kinare



Tanhaiyan is a 1985 Pakistani drama serial which is now considered a cult classic. It was directed by one of the greatest directors of Pakistan drama industry Shahzad Khalid and was scripted by another famous writer of Pakistan Hassena Moin. The drama revolves around two sisters, who learnt the true meaning of a home when bought back their parents’ house after their death. It has re-run several times on PTV and other TV channels, owing to its popularity.

Tanhaiyan drama


Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishan

Most popular drama of Geo TV. Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishan is based on the novel of Umera Arshad by the same title. It became very popular when released because of its storyline and huge ensemble of the entire cast. A story about a woman who was wrongfully alleged of disloyalty and her daughter from the second marriage. Everyone found the real truth at the end of drama, when the actress decided to forgive the whole family to start a new life.

Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishan drama



It was on aired in 1993. The play is based on five friends, who decided to fight against the terrorists and drug dealers. The serial got famous because of  amazing outdoor shooting and the use of weapons to convey realism. The story of five friends full of action, who joined a team of police commandos confronting criminal activities in Quetta.

Dhuwan Pakistani drama



The drama was written by Amjad Islam Amjad, directed by Ghazanfer Ali and Nusrat Thakur and was aired on PTV. Waris represents all  the unique distinctions of a Pakistani drama. A powerful story, wonderful direction, strong message, memorable dialogues and mesmerizing acting. The story was fairly simple. A Pakistani feudal village lord or, Chaudhry Hashmat, with his son and two nephews, struggle to keep hold on his power and land which is under threat of compulsory purchase for a new dam. The two nephews are continually at loggerheads: Chaudhry Anwer is afflicted with greed and lust; his brother Chaudhry Niaz Ali wishes to escape to the big city, Lahore, but is trapped in the feudal web.

Waris pakistani drama


Ainak Wala Jin

This drama ran for two times on television in Pakistan. It was popular, especially among children for its humor and fictional storyline. I am sure every one of us remembers this one. The play has been immensely popular among three generations at the same time. The children, their parents and their elders enjoyed it together. The story starts when a genie was sent by the king of genies to earth for the treatment of his eyesight problems. When he lands, he happens to meet a daring young boy who loves fantasy and starts living with his family.

Ainak Wala Jin drama



Humsafar is the production of HUM TV directed by Sarmad Sultan Khoosat based on the novel of Farhat Ishtiaq under the same title. The actors Mahira and Fawad got immense popularity after this show. The story revolves around the trials and tribulations of a married couple, Khirad and Ashar. It got aired on Indian Television too.

mahira khan in humsafar



The drama by Samira Fazal, based on the novel Bano, by Razia Butt. It is based on the partition of India and the independence era of Pakistan. The drama is about a girl from a Muslim family living in Ludhiana, named as Bano in the pre-1947 era. The story follows Bano and Hassan, as they face the trials and troubles caused by the 1947 independence.

The show is now airing in the Middle East on channel MBC Bollywood. It is the second highest-rated Pakistani television series. Dastaan was also aired in India on Zindagi.

Dastaan drama


Khuda Aur mohabbat

The story revolves around a young graduate from a elite family from Islamabad, who falls in love with the daughter of an Imam. The drama is inspired from the novel of Khuda aur Mohabbat, written by Hashim Nadeem. This drama is considered as one of the best drama serials in Pakistan. The drama is one of the most watched dramas on YouTube all over the world, where Imran Abbas Naqvi and Sadia Khan are featured as the lead role.

Khuda or mohabbat



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