List Of 15 Situations That Prove You Have Amazing Desi Siblings

Amazing Desi Siblings are the God’s blessings not everyone has in life and growing up in the same place is so amazing. Sometimes this blessing can blow your mind, especially in the Desi family. From clothes to toys, everything will pass on until and unless your family planning stops, which is so difficult in the Desi Pakistani family.

Here is the list of 15 situations that proves you have amazing siblings, actually sort of creepy.

1. Amazing Desi Siblings – In any event, you have to wear the same clothes otherwise your mother will beat you.

Amazing Desi SIblings

2. The situation when you have done something wrong, but unfortunately your sibling will have to pay.

desi siblings problems

3. And your sibling hate you, but have to behave well in front of parents.

siblings problems

4. Hair everywhere? Now you have to figure out who took a shower before you.

hair everywhere

5. The situation when siblings fight to get the front seat of the car.

siblings fighting

6. That moment when there is only one boti left in the saalan.

fight over food

7. ‘I just touched you’ wali situation is must, because they know that mother’s chittar is ready.

desi siblings fight

8. When you touched your sibling’s stuff, and he arrived at the moment.

don't touch my stuff

9. When you want to do something to your sibling, but your parents are near and watching you.

siblings ultimate revenge

10. Who will own the T.V remote? That’s the biggest issue between the siblings.

the remote owner

11. That situation when your parents asked you to share your food with the siblings.

share your food

12. At the time of showering, who will go first?

siblings problem

13. That moment when your sibling has eaten your hidden food in the fridge.

siblings find hidden foods

14. When your parents forgot to remember your birth date.

parents forget your birth date

15. While you are playing with your siblings, but you hurt them accidentally. At this moment, you can’t hide from your parents.

it was an accident

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