Amazing People Of Pakistan

Every country has good as well as bad people. Same is the case with Pakistan. We should not lose heart because of the corrupt, brutal, and inhumane people of our country. There are some people who have devoted their lives to help others. When it comes to helping others, Pakistani nation has always showed its true character of selfless service and leading the social work of this great nations are individuals whose contribution and service to humanity is known all over the world. Some of these amazing people of Pakistan are listed below:

Abdul Sattar Edhi

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He is a prominent Pakistani philanthropist, social activist, ascetic and humanitarian. He is the founder and head of the Edhi Foundation, the largest non-profit social welfare organisation in the world. Abdul Sattar Edhi has been running the Edhi Foundation in Pakistan for the better part of six decades. The foundation owns the world’s largest ambulance service, and operates free nursing homes, orphanages, clinics, women’s shelters, food kitchens, and rehabilitation centers for drug addicts and mentally ill individuals all across the country. Edhi has remained a simple and humble man. To this day, he owns two pairs of clothes, has never taken a salary from his organisation and lives in a small two bedroom apartment over his clinic in Karachi.

Ansar Burney

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Is a leading Pakistani human rights and civil rights activist. He is widely accredited as being the first man to introduce the concept of human rights in Pakistan nearly 30 years ago. Ansar Burney was a prominent student leader with the People’s Student Federation in his youth and was known to raise his voice for justice, human dignity and civil rights. He is the chairman of the Ansar Burney Trust. Established in 1980, initially as the ‘Prisoners Aid Society’ and the ‘Bureau of Missing and Kidnapped Children’ by Ansar Burney, Advocate in the Pakistani port city of Karachi; the Ansar Burney Trust International (as it is known now) was the first Pakistani organization to fight for the concept of human rights in Pakistan.

Shahzad Roy

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Shahzad Roy is a Pakistani singer, social worker and humanitarian. Roy is also the president and founder of Zindagi Trust, a non-government charitable organisation, that strives to improve the quality of education available to the average Pakistani. In 2005, Roy was the recipient of the Sitara-i-Imtiaz,which is one of the highest Civil Honors awarded in Pakistan for excellence in public service. For his organisation’s rehabilitation work after the 2005 Kashmir earthquake, he was awarded the Sitara-e-Eisaar in 2006.

Imran Khan

amazing man of pakistan

Who don’t know him? Imran Khan is a Pakistani politician, former cricketer, philanthropist, cricket commentator and former chancellor of the University of Bradford. Khan focused his efforts solely on social work. By 1991, he had founded the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust, a charity organisation bearing the name of his mother, Mrs. Shaukat Khanum. As the Trust’s maiden endeavor, Khan established Pakistan’s first and only cancer hospital, constructed using donations and funds exceeding $25 million, raised by Khan from all over the world.

Parveen Saeed

Amazing People Of Pakistan

In 2002 Parveen Saeed, a resident of Surjani Town, heard news of a woman who had murdered her two children because she was unable to feed them, and could not bear to watch them slowly starve to death. Parveen thought that surely there is enough food in Pakistan that no one need go hungry, so she started Khana Ghar, a small dhaba in Khuda Ki Basti in Karachi, where she provides a full meal (one roti and saalan) to any one who wants to eat for only 3 rupees. Around 300 people eat at Khana Ghar in Khuda Ki Basti daily.

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