Watch This Short & Heartwarming Animated Video Of A Young Boy And Disabled Puppy

Named as ‘The Present’, this short and heartwarming animated video of a young boy and disabled puppy is by far one of the sweetest short films ever. His mom came home to give a cutest present in a box, when he was playing a video game. The present was none other than… a puppy. This young boy loves to play video games and becomes very happy about getting an adorable puppy. But soon he realized the little creature has only three legs. Then he shuns the puppy.

short animated film of a young boy and disabled puppy

‘The Present’ – Emotional & Joyful

‘The Present’ short animated film is all about the game obsessed boy who isn’t impressed by the disabled pup. It was created by two students in 2014 as a graduation project, Jacob Frey and Markus Kranzler. This animated video of a young boy and disabled puppy has won around 60 international awards.

the present short film

It is really a beautiful reminder to be grateful every time and live in the present moment. Watch this short video and what happened in the end will fill your heart with tears and yes, with the inner joy.

Watch out here…

We just love the film, hope you do too 🙂
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