Armeena Khan Won The Female Empowerment Award In London & Made Pakistan Proud

It seems so amazing when Pakistan flourishes in every field, just like our talented actors and actresses. We are talking about Canadian-Pakistani actress Armeena Rana Khan, who have proved herself the potential lady in Lollywood. From appearing in super hit Pakistani film ‘Bin Roye’ to making her debut in ‘Janaan’ as lead actress and her amazing acting in ‘Yalghaar’, she can spread her wings anywhere in the world. Now, Armeena Khan won the female empowerment award in London and has made the nation proud once again.

The Yalghaar lady Armeena Khan won the female empowerment award in London

Source: Parhlo

She won a prestigious award at the Pakistan Achievement Awards PAA and got attention from across the globe.

armeena rana won the award in london

Source: Armeena Khan/Twitter

The lady took to Twitter to share her happiness by saying,

“Today’s been a good day! Won the Female Empowerment Award in London! This one for my parents and all my fans #PakistanAchievementAwards

The Yalghaar star dedicated the award to her supporters, parents and siblings.

janaan actress made pakistan proud

Source: Armeena Khan/Instagram

Hold on, because the diva was not alone there as her fiance joined her at the event. How adorable they both are!

armeena rana khan with her fiance

Source: Armeena Khan/Instagram

Armeena Khan also won this Female Empowerment Award last year and it’s like she has determined to make Pakistan proud again and again.

More power to you lady and best of luck for your future!

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