Awesome But Dangerous Roller Coasters Around The World

If we talked about awesome rides, Roller Coaster remains at first in the list which every person like. There are many rides which are awesome, but still dangerous that you must think once before going there. The idea behind these Dangerous Roller Coasters rides is to let the people enjoy and also scare because no matter how joyful you are, the element of fear always prevails.

Lets have a look at these roller coasters which will blow your heart once you are ready to take them. We have picked 6 most dangerous ones that you can experience with.

1. Wicked Twister

Made up of steel, this roller coaster is at number one in the list and believed to be the fastest and tallest roller coaster around the world. The shape of Wicked Twister is like U and has a steel track with twist on both sides at 45 degrees. The duration of its single ride remains 40 seconds with the awesome speed of 75mph.

Once you sit on this ride, you can experience the height of 215 feet with double twists that will definitely make you horrified.


2. Gravity Max

Located in Taiwan, also known as a tilt coaster with the quality of having a drop of 90 degrees. You can go up to 114 feet height and its horizontal track is tilted to 90 degrees more. Its speed is just marvelous, especially when passing through a tunnel tracked by slopes.

When you sit on it you can see its scariest path which is 90 degree tilt from a height of 114 feet.


3. Dangerous Roller Coasters – Full Throttle

The Full Throttle ride is in U.S.A having the tallest loops in the world at 160 feet. You can reach to a 70mph speed through the loops and after it the ride takes the full round and takes you to the underpass where become a stop for a few seconds.

From the height to the steep path then again to the height, this ride is all about.


4. Tower of Terror II

This ride is famous for its thrilling moves located in Queensland, Australia. Its on number four in the list of most awesome, but dangerous roller coasters in the world. It speeds up to 160kmh. The train on the track first takes the backward move before going up to the degree of 90 and has L shape.


5. Kingda Ka

Located in North America, it is known as the fastest and tallest ride in North America. Having U shaped track famous for its height of 456 feet, will be so thrilling once you sit on it. You will be shot up to speed of 128mph and then after having experience of sky you will be falling back in 270 mph track like a spiral.

The duration of the Kingda Ka ride is almost 50 seconds.


6. Iron Rattler

In Texas, the terrifying ride where you can experience the fall at 171 feet high with an awesome turn of 81 degrees. It has a terrified barrel roll, which will make you shout loud.


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