Ayesha Omer And Azfar Rehman Terrible Accident and Current condition!

Two best friends of the Pakistani drama industry who are rarely seen working together in plays recently got injured in a serious accident. Both the stars were going for a shoot from Karachi to Hyderabad and a terrible accident had met them in on December 18, 2015 early morning. More than one month has gone to the incident, this article will make you people know that how did it took place and how they both are? now.

How did the accident took place.

condition of ayesha omar

Both the stars were travelling on the Karachi Hyderabad highway where two other media stars model abbas jaffri and vj/host anoushey ashraf were also there with them. At that time both these stars were travelling alone in a separate car.

If the sources are believed then it is said that another car collided into their car that made the car of two stars to fell into the ditch.

Conditions of stars after the accident.

cndition of stars after accident

Both the stars were admitted into a private hospital early in the morning right after the accident took place. Their families have told the media that both of them are fine but media is saying that azfar had got serious head injuries whereas Ayesha has received multiple fractures and the fracture of shoulders is the most severe of all.

Recovery of stars.

recovery of stars

Sources have told that Azfar is quickly recovering after the accident and he has been shifted to his home. On the other side Ayesha Omar is still admitted into the hospital and getting treatment for her fractures.


ayesha omar and afzal modeling

Both the stars are not seen mostly with each other on screen but of screen they are best friends of each others. Both of them started their careers as models and they are great models on their own place. We wish them both a quick recovery.

Current situation.

Current situation of ayesha omar and afzal

It is said that the stars are out of danger now. Ayesha omer has got serious fractures on her body whereas the injuries of azfar rehman were not severe at all. Ayesha is taking a lot of rest at her home to get a quick recovery and she is recovering very well.

Ayesha omer after accident.

Ayesha omer after accident

Ayesha omer was seen in the premier of ho mann jahan too. It was her first appearance after the terrible accident. She wore a designer dress in which she has covered her collar as she was trying to hide her injuries from the media.

Azfar rehman on bed.

Azfar rehman on bed

No! azfar is completely okay. He is the one who got discharged from the hospital right on the day of accident with a treatment based upon a short time. It is said that Ayesha omer got a great shock while the accident took place and people brought her out of the fully destroyed car.

Stars working.

cndition of stars after accident

If the stars are seen, then it is shown that they are back in their life forgetting this terrible incident and moving ahead onto the other projects. Azfar is already doing different projects whereas Ayesha is waiting to get fully recovered.

We wish both the stars a very blessed life ahead. 🙂

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