Pakistani comic and action Movie BACHAANA in 28 days

Pakistani film industry is revived now and films are made on daily basis. Now a new comic thriller of the industry is ready to release in 2016. This movie casts Sanam Saeed and Mohib Mirza in the leading roles and was just made in 28 days. It will be interesting to see the chemistry of two artists working together for the first time in a movie after acting in play ‘Firaaq’. It will be interesting to see them in a movie in which comedy and romance are involved at the same time.

A first time dad doing comedy for the first time.

Mohib Mirza with wife

Mohib Mirza who recently became dad of a beautiful daughter will be seen doing a movie for the first time. He is married to another drama actress ‘Amina Sheikh’ and they both are spending happy life together.

Sanam Saeed faced ‘trouble’ while running.

Sanam Saeed trouble

There are many running scenes in the movie. The leading lady of the movie ‘Sanam Saeed’ has faced a lot of trouble while shooting these running scenes as when she started running, she never stopped until any human wall stops her.

The leading lady was about to be drowned in the sea.

sanam saeed and mohib mirza in bachaana

The leading lady of the movie Sanam Saeed got lost during the shot and was about to be drowned in the sea. It was just because she has faced a lot of trouble while shooting the running scenes.

Sanam Saeed did this role for some relaxation and fun.

BACHAANA sanam saeed

As sanam saeed used to be seen playing serious roles in plays like ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’ and ‘Diyar-e-dil’. It will be very different to see her doing a comic role from which she has taken the start of her career.

Sanam Saeed felt girlish while shooting with Mohib Mirza.

action movie bachaana

The heroine of this movie used to be seen with normal heighted heroes with the fair complexions like Fawad Khan and Mikaal Zulfiqar. She has a long height and she never felt girlish while acting with the mentioned actors. Sanam Saeed says that Mohib Mirza has a long height and the kind of complexion she have, so she felt like a heroine for the first time.

Adeel Hashmi is also the part of this movie.

Adeel Hashmi in bachaana

The famous artist of ads who used to be seen in every ad of ufone, Adeel Hashmi is also the part of this movie. What kind of role he is going to play is not yet clarified. Only one thing has been told that Adeel Hashmi will be seen performing a very different role and in a completely different avatar. His role is kept as a surprise to make the audience ‘wooooo :o’ :p

It is an action and comic thriller.

Bchaana Pakistani Movie

The movie Bachaana that casts Mohib Mirza and Sanam Saeed in the leading roles is a light hearted movie with some action and suspense. It is a comedy based movie which has no serious suspense. Sanam Saeed will be performing the role of an Indian girl whereas Mohib Mirza became a Pakistani boy.

Just made in 28 days.

bachaana movie release date

The schedule for the shooting of this movie was very tight. The shooting was just completed in 28 days starting at 3am every night and sleeping at 7pm every night. Due to this tight schedule the artists, directors and all other team members were not able to enjoy the locations.


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