Beautiful Sonam Kapoor | The Queen of the Red Carpet

Bollywood actresses always know how to grabbed the attention of viewers on the red carpet of different events. Stylish ladies with elegant outfits and makeup can blow your heart out with their stunning looks. In the past few years, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Katrina Kaif and Sonam Kapoor have been given a plethora of blockbuster looks, but Sonam Kapoor is now kenned as fashion queen of all the events.

Sonam Kapoor has passed all the tests to prove her identity as a fabulous lady by inspiring the people with her outstanding fashion sense. Whether it is Cannes Film Festival or other red carpet events, no one can deny the fact that Sonam Kapoor is at the top in the race.

Sonam Kapoor red carpet


If we talked about Cannes, it continued for three days and every day Sonam appeared as the attractive icon in her different styles. She always proved that she is experienced in wearing every clothe and makeup, she knows how to handle red lipstick. She was looking just like an awesome Hollywood actress.

One day she wore amazing blue dress with striking red lipstick and another day she appeared in the hot pink lipstick. We all know that Sonam Kapoor has overtaken the personalities of Aishawarya and Katrina who are also very famous for their unique styles but still Sonam Kapoor has far daring experience.

Sonam Kapoor black dess

The appearances of Sonam Kapoor have always been the verbalizing point of all the women because she kens how to catch the attention. She always bound others to include her name in the Fashionista queens list with her perfect red carpet looks. Oh yes, here we should say that she has elegant yet bold looks.

sonam kapoor in white

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