The Beautiful View of Falling Meteor In Gilgit Is One Of The Amazing Things You Have Ever Seen

A meteor, falling star or Shahab-e-Saqib, is a particle or a comet orbiting the Sun. It burns up as it enters the Earth’s atmosphere. It creates the effect of a “shooting star” and no larger than a grain of rice. Some meteors glow for a second and others last for several minutes. So have you ever seen this falling star? There are many chances and if you really did, then you might be very lucky. Yesterday, people suspected the beautiful view as the incident of a falling meteor in Gilgit happened around 9pm.

falling star

People reported a mysterious light with multiple and powerful blasts. Some people were so lucky that they captured the beautiful sight of a falling meteor in Gilgit.

Watch the video of the beautiful falling star. Now you can say that wonders do happen!

Video of Meteor Seen Over Gilgit

A surveillance camera video obtained by Pamir Times shows the sky getting lit over Gilgit, thrice, at around 09:01 PM last night. Broken pieces of lit debris, like sparks, can also be seen in the left top corner of the video (Time: 09:01:20) after the flashes.

Posted by PAMIR TIMES on Thursday, March 16, 2017


The incident occurred in the city of Gilgit and the surrounding districts, Ghizer and Diamer. Ghizer district resident Javd Iqbal told AfP about all the incident happened. He said, “I saw a light flash through the sky and then there were multiple blasts. I felt as if something had hit the roof of my house. I rushed outside with my family members and saw everyone getting out of their homes. The blasts had shaken the whole valley,” he said. His story was echoed by others, including Shabbir Mir of Gilgit, who said he saw the object “disappear into the mountains,” followed seconds later by what sounded like more than one explosion. “I thought the object might have hit the mountain,” Mir told AFP.

falling meteor in gilgit

After the falling meteor seen in Gilgit, social media was flooded with reports. Some were praising this breathtaking sight, but some were seen panic with the sound of loud explosions. Falling meteors is not something rare. The Meteoritical bulletin Database has confirmed that till now a total of 1,149 meteors has fallen.

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