Best Cafes And Coffee Houses In Lahore You Should Try

Don’t you just love to try new and extraordinary things by living in Lahore? Well, one thing should be the cafes and coffee houses. Pakistan has amazing food varieties like Desi, Chinese, Turkish and many more, but along this stuff we can’t forget the best cafes and coffee houses in Lahore.

Take some time out of your busy routines. I have shortlisted some awesome places for you to enjoy in Lahore that you should try. From coffee to brownies, you can relax your stomach here with delicious menus. Take a look at the list of the best cafes and coffee houses in Lahore because some splendid things should not be missed!

1. Café Cosa Nostra

If we talked about the blend of environment and taste, we can’t forget to visit the Café Cosa Nostra located in Lahore. It is known as one of the highest class and best cafes in Lahore you should try for the Italian food. So this is the specialty, why it is on the top in my list of the best cafes and coffee shops in Lahore.

Best Cafes And Coffee Houses In Lahore

2. Butler’s Chocolate Café

As the name suggested, this cafe is especially for the chocolate lovers. Having the huge variety by giving the supplementary items makes this cafe famous among many. Apart from the taste and menu, it’s a little bit expensive, but it lives up to its worth.

Buttler’s Chocolate Café Lahore3. Espresso

I can guarantee that you are feeling the rumbling in your tummy this time. Isn’t it? Enjoy the best breakfast in the town in Espresso by having a coffee because Espresso gives you what you desire. You can hang out late at night too because this cafe provides you enjoyment hours on weekends. Go there and realize that nothing is better than this in the world.

espresso cafe for coffee

4. Coffee Tea and Company

No matters what other restaurants are providing, CTC will be the talk of town forever.  It offers one of the mouthwatering dishes and drinks. The place to attract the children, younger and older ones is located none other than in Gulberg Lahore.

coffee tea and company lahore

5. Jammin Java

Jammin Java is also known as one of the best cafes and coffeehouses in Lahore. A cafe offers you the variety of cakes and coffees. Moreover, the comfortable place there is the appealing point for its customers.

best cafes in lahore

6. Cinnabon

If you want the best bakery items in Lahore, then Cinnabon is that place. Not only in Lahore, you can enjoy the company of Cinnabon in Karachi and also Islamabad. The Cinnabon roll, varieties of cakes, ice creams and yes the coffees are main traits of this café. Grab your favorite item and enjoy the creamy flavor of your life!

cinnabon cafe and bakery lahore

7. Gun Smoke

To step into the unique cafe, which includes amazing setup and environment, Gun Smoke is the one. It is influenced by the cowboy style and famous for the steaks and barbecue. Other than this, it falls in the category of the best cafes of Lahore.

gun smoke lahore

8. Café Zouk

Just like other cafes in Lahore, the side menu of Café Zouk supplements it. The special thing about this cafe is the chicken along with other mouth watering stuff. If you want to experience something new and innovative, then must visit this cafe.

cafe zouk environment in lahore

So are you getting excited by knowing the best cafes and coffee houses in Lahore? Comment below for your favorite one!

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