Best Places To Visit In Islamabad This Year

As we all know, Islamabad is the capital of our country. Islamabad is one of those cities, which fascinates people from all over Pakistan by making it one of the most diverse and urbanized cities of Pakistan. It is also a very peaceful city of Pakistan, which is surrounded by the spectacular scenery. The city is full of entertainment, rich in culture & one of the best places to visit.

Each year, hundreds, thousands of tourists visit Islamabad to enjoy the amazing and natural spot. The city is a blend of ancient and modern sites, where Pakistan has seen many years of human civilization and Mughal period, the city is a proof that we have deeply rooted traditions of the rich Pakistani culture.

Now the city is progressing rapidly to provide you the best places in the name of history, adventure, shopping and the natural beautiful scenes.

Here are some beautiful places to visit in Islamabad. We are sure that this article will urge you to visit these places as soon as possible!

Faisal Mosque

Faisal mosque is the largest mosque in Pakistan and known as one of the best places to view. It was designed by Turkish Architect Vedat Dalokay. It is a famous symbol of Islamabad throughout the world. Faisal Mosque was the largest mosque in the world from 1986 until 1993, until it was overtaken in size by the newly completed Hassan 2 mosque in Casablanca. The architect is extremely beautiful and in the evening its lighting adds magical beauty & pure feeling which results in the beautiful view for the visitors.

Beautiful view of Faisal Mosque Islamabad



Daman-e-Koh, the name which means foothills is located in the middle of the Margalla Hills. It is about 2400 ft from sea level and almost 500 ft from the city of Islamabad. Daman-e-Koh is a popular destination for all the visitors, who came here every year to feel the presence of lovely nature. The Southern spot is the main attraction as it provides a panoramic view of Islamabad. The visitors experience a unique view of Faisal Mosque from there.

beautiful places in islamabad


Pir Sohawa Monal

Pir Sohawa is a tourist resort located on top of the Margalla Hills. A restaurant named “Monal” is sited at Pir Sohawa which offers a bird’s eye view of Islamabad from its large terrace and the food there is delicious too. It gives you a really striking view of the entire city in a beautiful way, where you can enjoy the delicious food while exploring the beauty of the nature. Must visit there and make your experience an unforgettable one.

Monal Restaurant Islamabad


Lok Virsa Museum

It displays the cultural heritage of Pakistani people. You can see the living style of people from the different areas of Pakistan in the form of pottery, pictures, statues, music and textile work. Lok Virsa is a cultural museum in Pakistan, which attracts visitors from all over the world. It has a large display of embroidered costumes, jewelry, woodwork, metalwork, block printing and bone work. Moreover, traditional architecture there exhibits skills such as mirror work, tile, mosaic and many others.

beautiful places in islamabad to visit this year


Rawal Lake View Park

The Rawal Lake View Park depicts the artificial lake made by the Rawal Dam. It has become a favorite spot for picnics in Islamabad. Kids can enjoy the rides and the elders can enjoy long walks on beautiful pathways & lush green lawns. It also has a rock climbing gym, paintball battlefield, motor sports ranch, boating area and zoo of rare species of birds. So, just pack your favorite food and get ready to visit this astonishing park.

Rawal lake view park


Serena Hotel

If you want to stay in Islamabad, Serena Hotel is the place for you. The Serena Hotel in Islamabad stands at the foot of the Margalla Hills. The architecture of this hotel depicts the typical Pakistani cultural heritage, enough to give anyone the feeling of a traditional place. A central location, magnificent views and gardens make the Serena Hotel stand out among other luxury hotels.

islamabad serena hotel



If you are looking for something fun to do or you want to go somewhere with your friends, you can visit Megazone. It is the only place in Pakistan that has laser tag. The Megazone brings complete family entertainment in the form of Bowling, Pool Snooker, Kids Play Area, Swimming Pool, Gym and small shops.

islamabad beautiful places


Other than this, there is much for visitors to do in the beautiful and peaceful city. The eye-popping designs of the monuments, fascinating libraries, impressive culture, colorful gardens, breathtaking views, well-kept exhibition galleries, dozens of beautiful trees, broad roads, forested valleys, crowded streets and rose and jasmine gardens are there to make your trip pleasant and enjoyable. Moreover, if you have interest in shopping and food, then the covered markets in Rawalpindi are there to make your holiday remarkable. So enjoy a good time there and don’t forget to carry your camera!

What else you like in Islamabad? Let us know your favorite places!

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