“Bijli Hamesha Ke Liye Chali Jayegi”, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Words For Electricity Shortfall In Pakistan

Whether we like or hate any politician, it’s our duty to listen their every single political Khitaab. The excitement rises, especially at the time of someone who has some power, be it Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan or Zardari Sahib. So, just like everyday, I also watched our Prime Minister’s speech in Cheecha Watni, where he promised, really promised to end the bijli by 2018. “Bijli Hamesha Ke Liye Chali Jayegi”, was his words for the electricity shortfall in Pakistan. Now we can wonder, how honest is he, really a man with hidden talents.

Say hello to our Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif

nawaz sharif saying about electricity shortfall in pakistan

And he loves to make promises with Awaam

nawaz sharif speech on load shedding

Sometimes he and his brother together make promises. Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif

sharif family address on load shedding

But this time, the promise was so horrified. It was like so so Dil Dukhane Wala. Listen to it!


So he said,


Now, time to worry about, was this a slip of the tongue or his true words… Mmm… No one knows. But one thing we know is, everyone promised to reduce the load shedding in 2014, 2015, 2016, and also in the current year. But, I think we have to wait for another year too. Whether there will be no load shedding or NO BIJLI by 2018, as said by Nawaz Sharif on the electricity shortfall in Pakistan, we can only pray.

It seems like load shedding has become the future of Pakistan. Oh God, save us from evil politicians and their evil plans… Ameen!

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