Blue Eyed Arshad Khan Chaiwala Just Got His Own Music Video

You have already seen this Pyaara Chai Wala in Islamabad on social media and everyone is just talking about him. His personality, his tough look and yes, his amazing eyes. Where some girls are fighting for Hamza Ali Abbasi and Fawad Khan, this new guy has taken the internet by storm. You know this Blue Eyed Arshad Khan very well, whose journey from chaiwala to the model was not enough for everyone, that he just got his own music video. Yes, that’s absolutely correct!

blue eyed arshad khan

He secured a modeling contract and also appeared on many morning talk shows after he become famous. The biggest recent news is this blue eyed Arshad Khan got his own music video, uploaded by SM Buddy. You can see this guy serving chai in a different style. One must be glad after watching Pakistani dapper in the video.

arshad khan new music video

The video got viral on November 28th, 2016 with over 30,000 views. After listening to this entire song, you will be lost in his eyes. Well, we only wish this blue eyed Arshad Khan best of luck for his future journey!

Music Video Of Chai Wala Arshad Khan

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