9 Bollywood Celebrities With Obsessive Compulsive Order

We see different actors working on the big or small screens. We take them as actors and make an assumption that they have no problem in their lives and they are absolutely healthy people, but no it is not like that. Actors are the people who are fighting with some hidden problems, diseases or disorders in their lives but they never show it. This article will make you people know about 9 Bollywood Celebrities and their unknown disorders.

1. Kareena Kapoor is obsessed about her shape – Bollywood Celebrities

The fans of bollywood famous diva may not know about the disorder of bebo of the industry that she has a disorder to see her in shape. She has spent a long time to bring herself in shape and now she can’t see even one pound increase in her body, it makes her mad and restless. She is one of the famous Bollywood celebrities with obsession.

kareena kapoor obsession

2. Ajay Devgan is obsessive about using his hands

People may not be aware of this habit or disorder of Ajay Devgan who is the husband of Kajol that he never uses his hands to eat. Either he eats daal, chappati or anything to be eaten by hands, he always use spoon for it. In fact he never greet his hands with anyone to stay away from germs.

bollywood celebrities with obsessions

3. Farhan Akhtar is obsessed about the arrangement of things

Farhan Akhtar the famous star has told in an interview that he likes to see things in a certain order, in case of not finding things in a certain arrangement he loses his temperament.

obsessive compulsive order

4. Deepika Padukone is also having obsession about the arrangement of stuff

Despite of being a very busy star of the industry, Bollywood diva Deepika Padukone always keep an eye on the arrangement of things. She never likes to see her things kept in a wrong manner. She does the same at her friend’s home and asks them to follow a certain manner to keep the stuff.

deepika padukone with obsessions

5. Priyanka Chopra is very much obsessed about her work

Priyanka Chopra’s obsession does not deal with her personal life but her professional life. Bollywood diva is so much involved in her work that it became her obsession. She can never see herself doing the wrong work below the standard she has set.

priyanka chopra work obsession

6. Vidya Balan can’t compromise on cleanliness

The Bollywood diva Vidya Balan is so much concerned about the cleanliness of everything. She can’t bear the dirt anywhere from her home to the van she works inside.

celebrities with obsession

7. Imran Khan is obsessed about the cleanliness of room and plates

The nephew of Aamir Khan and an actor of bollywood who is trying to make his name in the industry is much concerned about the cleanliness of the plates he eat food in. Along with that he needs a clean bed before sleeping.

imran khan obsession

8. Sunny Leone washes her feet unlimited times

The bollywood actress who is not famous for good things in the industry is obsessed with washing her feet after every activity. She washes her feet after the shoot for about 20 times.

sunny leone famous celebrity

9. Ali Fazal is mad about taking only hot coffee

The star who acts in few Bollywood movies has a habit or obsession to make warm coffee and consuming it on the spot. He just can’t bear to have it little colder, that is really a different kind of disorder.

ali fazal bollywood actor

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