Bollywood Diva Kareena Kapoor Khan Life Plans Disclosed

Kareena Kapoor ,who is also known as “Kareena Kapoor Khan” after marriage with Saif Ali Khan. She fits in the Bollywood royalty and called as Bollywood diva. Many people have claimed that this lady has natural talent which she never showed off. In an interview she talked about her life plans, her ideas and also about family plans.

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Kareena Kapoor reviews about Bajrangi Bhaijan.

The Bollywood diva with her beauty and elegance looks has made the best performances in the movies. Her career is just fantastic and her blockbuster movie “Bajrangi Bhaijan” has paved her steps more in the Bollywood industry. She said that after this she is ready to work with young directors in the industry. Well, this is the one side of picture the other side relates to her life plans which she told to her viewers.

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Is Kareena happy with Saif ali khan ?

In a interview with Femina magazine, Kareena Kapor Khan said that she has been lucky to experience both personal and professional success. She further said that i and Saif Ali Khan will continue to live in India in the future but we will go for the world tour with our children.Kareena-Kapoor-with-Saif-Ali-Khan

Kareena’s plans when she will be seventy.

When I will be 70 i would like to sit in my large dining room with the family and will just eat, drink and laugh. This shows she loves her life with Saif Ali Khan and she is satisfied with her professional and personal life.

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Kareena’s reply about family planning.

When she was asked about family planning, she said that she is ready to become a mother of her own children but after two to three years. She shared her wish with the viewers and she is ready to flourish more.

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It seems interesting that she is so happy to be the part of royal family. Our prayers are with wonderful lady in her professional and personal life.

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