Boxer Amir Khan Reveals Why His Blood Relations Are Not The Part Of His Life Anymore

British-Pakistani boxer Amir Khan has always been in the news for every possible reason. From victory to the controversies, he is the man whose life is getting worse. When Saul Canelo beat Amir Khan in a fight, we didn’t realize that he will have to battle with his family issues too. His wife Faryal Makhdoom problems came to an end, now Boxer Amir Khan reveals that his blood relations are not the part of his life anymore. And the reason is legit!

boxer amir khan reveals why he cut off his family

Amir Khan said that his closest relations had treated him badly. His father, his uncle, even his all family is the biggest reason why he left his previous camp.

According to The Independent, Khan said,

“After the Canelo fight my old team thought ‘he’s had his big fight, he’s done now’, I lost in May but by October, November it had all changed. So this is the chance for me now to prove everyone wrong. I’m not done. I’ve just turned 30, I’ve still got some good years left in me. It could be my time to shine. My old team will think I made the worst choice by letting them go and say ‘watch his career go down the drain’. I’m not going to let that happen. I’m looking forward to proving them wrong.”

The biggest reason boxer Amir Khan reveals why he has cut off from his family is not his wife, instead it’s the money. Predictably, Khan is one of the biggest name in British boxing, who have racked up approximately £40m during his career.

boxer amir khan with wife and daughter

He further said,

“When you start making big money the people around me should have been looking out for my interests, but it didn’t seem like that,” he adds. “They were just saying ‘the money is coming in just keep spending it’. When you’re making millions, sometimes people forget about the little costs but they add up, man.”

amir khan british pakistani boxer

“I lost sight of it because obviously I left it to people that I trusted. I thought they could do everything and I could sit back and focus on my boxing. But it wasn’t like that. It’s funny now thinking about it – I was young then and I relied on my team, whatever they said went. I had property advisers who used to rip me off, I had accountants who ripped me off. I changed everything. With what I’ve gone through, if I told you everything you would start crying.”

Amir Khan told every bit of truth and the feelings he is currently going through…

“When money starts coming in a lot of people change. When it stops you see their true colours. And when I took a loss and everyone thought I was done, I saw everyone’s true colours. That is why I had to make these big changes.”

amir khan with family

Boxer Amir Khan reveals and believes he has been a good son and a brother and he was satisfied with himself.

“I’ve been the best son, I’ve been the best brother, I’ve been the best family member anyone could have. I’ve done everything for my family. I’ve done more for my family than anyone would do… But I’m happy. I’m relaxed. It has matured me a lot.”

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