#BoycottKhaadi: People Are Boycotting Khaadi Brand Over Alleged Mistreatment Of Employees

Khaadi, probably one of the most famous brands of Pakistan. Known for extraordinary products, beautiful designs, trendy colors and true dedication towards work. This is not enough, because the trend has set on Twitter where people are boycotting Khaadi with the hashtag #BoycottKhaadi.

#boycottkhaadi hashtag on twitter

A few days ago, Khaadi brand came under the limelight because they fired 32 workers ahead of Ramzan. It forced people to come to the streets in protest against this renowned Pakistani brand.

people are boycotting khaadi brand

The sources say that the workers were not even getting minimum wage despite working 12 hours a day. It means, Khaadi didn’t set the wage under Pakistani law.

khaadi fired 32 workers

The workers were allegedly fired for demanding their wages and better working conditions, but they were dismissed simply for demanding their due rights.

khaadi brand in pakistan

Moreover, another 124 worker’s career is also at risk of losing their jobs, as they demanded fair treatment.

khaadi brand

People gathered outside the M.M Alam flagship store of Khaadi on Sunday to protest, where one said,

‘We were raising the issue because the working conditions in Khaadi are very poor. Workers are treated like slaves.’

Here’s how people are reacting over Khaadi latest controversy.

people are against khaadi

people boycott khaadi in pakistan

no shopping from khaadi

The protest has erupted all over the Karachi and Lahore where people are boycotting Khaadi for the legit reason. Well, the protest just before the Eid is going to be the real loss for Khaadi. It’s time to stand for all the poor workers and let’s decide to boycott the brand.

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