Brazen Taliban Attack Another Sacrifice Of Pakistani Heroes

As Pakistani Army is always there to sacrifice their life for the dignity of this country, they came up again to show their love with this country. On Sep 18, 2015 Brazen Taliban came with an attack on the military base and 29 are killed by them, keeping in mind that 16 of those were inside the mosque for offering prayer. This incident took place in the Peshawar KPK.


Pakistan’s Army Reaction.

Pakistan army quickly came up with blame on the militants from Afghanistan. This attack has proved to be a major blow to the Pakistani military, as we still remember the horrific attack of Taliban on school of Peshawar where 150 of the innocent children were killed by them. Then now only after 8 months, they came back with a huge attack on our army. People are full of sorrow all over the country due to this incident.


After these two attacks, it can easily be understood that Afghan militants are so powerful as they are well aware of the targets to attack upon.


There were 13 attackers, and good news is that all of those 13 were killed by the Pakistani militants after an hour-long firefight. This fight took place at badaber base on the outskirts of the northwestern city of Peshawar.


Army spokesperson General Asim Saleem Bajwa said:

“At the time of attack, more than 2000 employees were on the base, attackers first stormed the guard room and then they have tried to move towards the administrative block, but they were stopped by security forces there.”

He also added that:

“Security forces took a very quick and timely action to fight with the attackers,  they came from Afghanistan but I don’t mean that government of Kabul is there behind this attack”

History of base.

This base was established in 1960’s but in the recent years , it has mostly been used as the residence for air force employees and officers from Peshawar.


As it has been said by the army spokesperson that these attackers came from Afghanistan,  no response yet came from their side, either in acceptance or rejection of this news.

Pakistan’s spy agency is still investigating this matter that’s why more things were not said by the spokesperson. Evidence will be found by the investigation that will lead to the right conclusion.

There is a possibility that those attackers were assisted by someone to reach there and to attack like this but nothing can be said without having evidence.


New came that Pakistan Taliban, also known as the tehreek-e-taliban, claimed responsibility for this raid at the facility.

It was said that there were warnings present of a major attack to come. This attack might have been made as Pakistan army is carrying out an operation in the North    Waziristan tribal region bordering Afghanistan.

This airbase was not functional as such, it was a residential place only as been clarified by army.

6 of the attackers were killed by the militants even before they entered to attack. It shows how much determined our army is, just to save our country and people from the evil, forgetting their own lives.


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