Breakfast Around The World

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Filling your stomach with a healthy breakfast in the morning can go a long way. Not only is it important for providing you the much needed energy to start the day but also according to medical experts skipping this can cause health issues. Let’s look how people eat their breakfast around the globe.


pakistani breakfast

‘Halwa Poori’ is a traditional typical desi breakfast enjoyed in Pakistan. The Poori (deep fried flour flat bread) is served with chickpea curry and Halwa (semolina sweet).

Another very sort after dish is ‘Nihari’. A spicy meat curry served with Naan (bread) or sheermal (sweet bread). Long queues can be seen outside shops on Sundays at breakfast time.


indian breakfast

India shares a border with Pakistan but has a very diverse breakfast choice. Idli and sambar is a typical South Indian breakfast.  The rice bread (idli) goes with a vegetable and lentil stew. Uttapam whereas is typical in central India. It’s a thick vegetable pancake eaten with chutney. Another major breakfast item is dosa, a very thin rice crepe with filling and is served with coconut chutney.


american breakfast

The ever so famous American breakfast Pancakes! These soft warm and thick cakes are enjoyed with maple syrup and fresh fruits. People who are not so health conscious top it off with crispy bacon.


french breakfast

The buttery dough pastry gets its name from its crescent shape. This French breakfast is coupled with nuts, fruits, whipped cream and coffee. Oh le croissant – how French is that <3


england breakfast

A typical English breakfast is wholesome, with its proteins and carbohydrates. Bread with eggs, sausages, mushroom and tomatoes, baked beans and a English tea.


china breakfast

Baozi, a classic Chinese breakfast, is complete and healthy. It consists of steamed buns with pork or vegetable filling.

Noodles, rice, steamed veggies and meat in stew is also enjoyed and common in china.


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