This British-Pakistani Doctor Won UK Masterchef 2017 But Gets Trolled By The Racists

Saliha Mahmood Ahmed, a British-Pakistani doctor won UK Masterchef 2017 with the menu inspired by the Pakistani heritage. She is a Kashmiri, a doctor by profession and also loves to serve that food, which tastes and looks just amazing.

So, she won Masterchef UK and made everyone proud. She beat 64 contestants to reach the final round and then competed with two amazing chefs to get the tremendous trophy. Saliha always wanted to bring together her cooking and medical skills so that she can help people providing the exceptional diet and to tackle obesity.

saliha mahmood in Masterchef UK

Source: @salihacooks Via: Twitter

After winning the trophy, she shared, “To be the Masterchef champion is fantastic and wonderful…this is definitely the coolest thing I’ve ever done in my life!”

“It involved a lot of hard work and early starts – late nights cooking after 13-hour long shifts, no holidays, no breaks, no sleep – but it was well worth it.”

Meet beautiful and talented Saliha Mahmood

Pakistani Doctor Won UK Masterchef 2017

Source: @salihacooks Via: Twitter

And she can’t stop smiling after winning this competition. Awww!

saleha mahmood ahmed crowned masterchef UK

Source: @salihacooks Via: Twitter

The Pakistani Doctor won UK Masterchef 2017 by giving the traditional dishes a western touch. Her ‘Desi Tarka’ amazed everyone and this made her win the outstanding label.

And her star final dish. Looks amazingly delicious. The Shami Kebab, Chana Daal, Kuchumber and Green chutney. Anyone can drool over this!

saliha star final desi dish for masterchef

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Yes, she did this!

british pakistani doctor won masterchef UK 2017

Source: @salihacooks Via: Twitter

She made it possible and being applauded by Muslims, but she was unaware of the racists, who bashed her for the dishes she prepared.

Racists were unable to handle her victory!

troll over masterchef uk 2017

saliha won masterchef final

saliha ahmed won masterchef

masterchef uk 2017 winner

masterchef uk 2017 winner is british pakistani doctor

Everybody was not a hater though. There were many people who applauded Saliha for her wonderful victory!

saliha the winner of masterchef

people supported masterchef uk winner

people congratulated winner of masterchef uk 2017Well, besides all the trolling and bashing, we know Saliha still holds the Masterchef UK 2017 title and no one can get her down ever. These poor racists don’t know anything about the beautiful food she served. The mouth-watering Desi food with a western touch seriously is a big win for us.

Kudos to Saliha for making us all proud!

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