This So-Called Churail In Hyderabad Has Gone Viral And People Have Funny Comments Over This Incident

We, every Pakistani living in a Desi family has grown up listening to different Jinn and Churail stories. The white outfit, long hair, weird foot position, long nails and white eyes were some of the features every churail had in our childhood. Do you believe these stories? Well, all these stories are still a mystery for everyone. Same happened in Pakistan, where people saw a Churail in Hyderabad. She was sitting on a wall in the middle of the night.

It seems like the ghost of a little girl wearing a white dress and sitting on a rooftop. Pakistani pop singer Faakhir Mehmood posted a picture of this ‘witch’ on his official Facebook account and was seeking the confirmation whether it’s true or not.

churail in hyderabad

Source: Facebook

People are mocking this churail in Hyderabad through their comments. Where someone is thinking that this witch is one of those papa’s princesses on Facebook with no makeup. Other is calling her the 21st century churail. Well, this witch is so clever as she knows how to give her best to pose in front of a crowd.

Have a look at people who have amazing comments over this incident.

people comments on churail in hyderabad

faakhir mehmood facebook post

churail incident in hyderabad

And one person told us a true story that this picture is invented in Morocco, not in Hyderabad according to several websites. Also, this witch is just a doll, used by the thieves to distract people while they robbed houses.

Isn’t she looking like a doll? Or is this a true story? We are not sure!

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