Celebrating The Awesomeness Of Scorpions: Cool Scorpion Facts

If you descended on the earth between: 23rd October – 21st November, you get the fierce looking zodiac-Scorpio with the Cool Scorpion Facts. Oh yeah, your zodiac is reputed to be a powerful one. Scorpios are passionate people and aim for power but under that façade is an emotional, loving old soul.

After reading this article, you will see how truly spectacular Scorpions are actually. They have extraordinary adaption skills so make sure to see these cool Scorpion facts with some amazing abilities.


They are passionate people whether it comes to love or work or any life goals, they aim it, they crave it and they strive for it!

cool scorpion facts

Love life

Passionate Scorpios love with body and soul. They give their 200 percent devotion when it comes to this. But be warned! – They expect the same in return. They love, nothing can change their mind.

Oh yeah Ryan Reynolds is a scorpion. Isn’t that dreamy?

scorpions love lifePower

The desire for power is a common trait found in scorpions. Their passionate nature lets them achieve that. One of the cool Scorpion facts!

desire for power


They don’t express, they don’t share. Best of luck to the people with scorpions as a life partner.

secretive scorpions

Amazing Nature

The people that a Scorpio loves and respects or holds close are treated with loyalty, generosity and kindness.

amazing nature of scorpions

Straight Forward

Scorpions are not fake people. They are very straight forward. They find it difficult to shut their mouth when they dislike someone.

straight forward scorpions


They do get jealous and they take revenges. If you cross a scorpion, watch your back because they can strike at any time. You never want to be on the bad side of them, they literally throw daggers.

scorpions take revenge

Romantic At Heart

Scorpions are very romantic at heart. They love you blindly and are not afraid to show their romance and love to you.

scorpions are very romantic

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