Chef Aamir Liaquat Cooked Kapooray For Rishi Kapoor And Nothing Is More Entertaining Than This

Once again many many congratulations to team Pakistan and more power to Aamir Liaquat who made a king of all trolls. We know how Rishi Kapoor went a bit over confident and tweeted against Pakistan, but Aamir Liaquat and many other Pakistanis roasted the old man. Aamir Bhai knows how to deal with such hippos and now he proved it. Chef Aamir Liaquat cooked kapooray for Rishi Kapoor and took the trolls to the extreme level. And we enjoyed it!

Firstly, Rishi started the Twitter war and Pakistanis made an example to never underestimate us by winning the game.

rishi kapoor tweet on pakistans victory

This is what he did further!

rishi kapoor tweet on pakistan

But we know Aamir Bhai kisi se kam nahin…

After Rishi Kapoor dared to take panga with Pakistanis, Aamir Bhai responded with a very cute name for him… and this is KAPOORAY! Lol what a name though! And “Haram Khor” wah…

aamir liaquat reply to rishi kapoor

This was not over. The Chef Aamir Liaquat cooked Kapooray for Rishi Kapoor himself and insisted Rishi to come to Pakistan to try some kapooray’s.

aamir liaquat cooked kapooray for rishi kapoor


aamir bhai made katakat

He even made katakat

aamir liaquat tok revenge from rishi kapoor

Obviously, Rishi wasn’t in a position to reply Aamir Liaquat so Aamir Bhai came up with another offer and that was quite mazedaar.

aamir liaquat cooked kapooray for rishi kapoor

In his show ‘Aisay Nahi Chalay Ga’, he told that he cooked kapooray by saying that, “Jab Virat Kohli ko Muhammad Amir ne out kiya, us waqt kapoorey tayar ho chuke the. Kiyun ke Virat Kohli ke out hote hi Kapooron ne bhi keh diya k ab mjhe tyar ho jana chahiye.”

Yes, it’s real, he really made it. Check out this!

Revenge to the another level!

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