10 Situations You Can Relate If You Have A Cool Younger Brother

Having a Cool Younger brother is a pure blessing anyone could wish for, but sometimes the same brother can make you irritated by lame stuffs and talks. You can see that everyone will treat him like a small baby, where you can tease him and also order him if he wants so…

Sometimes this small baby, actually your cool younger brother behaves as he is elder, but at the end, one can say that this relation is so cute. To prove this we have 10 situations which you can relate if you have a younger brother. Aww!

1. You love the way your cool younger brother teases and fights with you every time, so you can’t live without him. Even when he is not home, you miss him so much.

cool younger brother

2. He always wants to order you in home and also when went outside. You both love to live together, eat together, even play together too.

good time with cool younger brother

3. And he is the reason behind your happy mood, because you never get bored when he is with you.

younger brother makes you happy

4. It’s too much fun to tease him and call him with weird names, but if anyone else will tease him, he/she has to face YOU!

younger brother love

5. The wonderful thing when you both shared your personal stuff with each other, this is something beyond happiness.

share personal stuff with each other

6. He is the one who always comes to you for his homework advise or to solve some problem.

help to younger brother

7. The annoying situation when you call him baby, that time you have to look his weird expressions because he thinks ‘he has grown up’.

younger brother stuff

8. He is the youngest, but you will always find that he is super protective of you.

cool younger brother

9. Another situation, actually the awesome feeling for a elder sister to let her boyfriend meet her brother.

awesome younger brother feelings

10. He won’t leave you alone, especially when you get your first salary. All he wants is ‘Your Money’.

when younger brother wants your money

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