6 Crazy Innovative Things That Should Exist In Our Life

We live in a world based upon technology but despite of being surrounded with the technology and wonders, we still need to have some innovations. These crazy innovative things are absolutely missing from our real world and we realize it later that their presence can help us to live a happy life.

1. Crazy Innovative Things – A Dream Recording Device

We see so many dreams while sleeping but we forget them every morning. There must be any technological gadget that can help us to record our dreams so that we can actually see or at least know our dreams. It will really be a very interesting innovation.

Sometimes people show the reality in their dreams, sometimes they are horror, comic based or of any other type. By seeing those dreams a person can get motivated.

2. Acne/Spot Removing Device for Face

There are many people in this world who are having acne on their face. They just become a complex patient by seeing their faces in the mirror and they just want to get rid of this acne as soon as they can. They try every treatment either creams or lotions but nothing works.

This irritating feeling of having no effect on their face makes them even sad. The invention of this device is really the most needed thing.

3. Cheering Up Device

Some of us get very much disappointed at some moments of our life. At that time it is really needed to have someone to cheer us up. Sometimes we don’t get any person to do this, so the device can help us in this matter.

4. A Device to Correct the Past Mistakes

We do so many mistakes that convert into a regret. We just want to correct those mistakes from the past to live a happy life but there is no option available to rectify those things. At that time, we miss to have such device to tell us about the mistakes from the past and rectify them.

5. Fatigue Gadget

We get much busy in our life and get surrounded by so many tensions. These tensions get the form of a fatigue and we just try to get out of it by some way. There must be a device available to make us relaxed for some moment so that we can do work better in a fresh manner.

6. Air Conditioned Apparel

Those people who live in those countries where there is summer are mostly in the need to have an air conditioner available 24/7. The locations where they don’t get the air conditioned environment, they can have a dress based upon air conditioner. This will keep them cool and relaxed.

These six crazy innovative things can really be so helpful in the real world. Some one really needs to work on them as most of the human beings are in wait to see these innovations so that they can make their dreams come true.

The dream teller device is the most interesting of all as we are very interested to know our dreams. We just want to have a flashback of our dreams because we just have loved them a lot. 🙂

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