10 Crazy Life Situations In Which You Feel It Is Too Hard Sometimes

Have you ever stuck in the situation where you don’t know what to do, whether punch on anyone’s face or bang your own hand? These are actually some Crazy Life Situations which let you think that WHY ME?

Pakistanis must have tough time whenever they feel like that. Here are 10 situations in which you feel that life is too hard to handle.

1. When you want to go to the toilet, but you came to know that there is already someone inside. The famous Desi stuff in every family.

Crazy Life Situations

2. Crazy Life Situation – When you accidentally put a stain on your new and favorite Kurta. The one of the creepiest things for desi girls.

pakistani things

3. When you cannot just make your hairstyle proper when going outside, so the best solution is,

hard life situations

4. When you have wasted your some hours by watching a movie like Tera Suroor. There is a long list of these kinds of movies ahead.

flop movie

5. When the hair dresser accidentally cut your hair in the wrong way and you just want to cry hard.

sad pakistani situations

6. Somehow, when you forget to charge your phone and there is no light too. The ultimate load shedding problems.

pakistani famous stuff

7. When you crack your phone screen is one of the famous Crazy Life Situations occur in our Pakistani desi life.

crack phone screen

8. When you accidentally spread your eye mascara by rubbing your eyes and don’t know what to do further.

desi girly things

9. When you came to know that your crush is already engaged. Cry hard!

crazy life stuff

10. When your Phupho arrived your home on totally wrong time. Seriously a hard situation for us.

desi phupho arrival

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