8 Crazy Wedding Guests We Meet At Every Desi Shaadi!

Desi weddings are as fun as crazy. There you will meet different kinds of desi people from all the areas you have never visited. From stylish to pendu ones, these Crazy Wedding Guests will definitely make your wedding very interesting and colorful.

We don’t only attend the wedding with the real wish to attend, but our Desi weddings tend to arrange in order to show off, to show the arrangements, to show the dresses, to show the jewelry etc. etc. Here we have collected 8 crazy wedding guests we meet at every Desi shaadi.

1. Crazy Wedding Guests – The awkward aunty, who have no idea what she is doing and don’t know how to act civilized. Her ultimate goal is to push everyone and stand in the first rank at every rasam.

awkward aunty at the wedding

2. The so called drunk uncle, whose main aim is to dance with every beautiful aunty. He will show you his real side actually.

crazy wedding guests

3. That Larki wale people, who will only say one sentence at every moment that is, “Hum larki wale hain”.

guest at desi wedding

4. Just like larki wale, there will also the people who will feel proud because they are “Larke wale”.

people from groom side

5. The bhangra group, who will be from dulha side. They will be so comfortable by trying each and every step of bhangra in a group.

bhangra group from groom side

6. Sodden in jewelry lady, who will come to the wedding by wearing all the gold and diamond jewelry in order to show off that I am damn rich.

desi guests at wedding

7. Matchmaker aunty is also in the list, who will search the girl for her boy and the boy for her girl in the same wedding event.

matchmaker lady in the wedding

8. Stage, chair fixed people, who know how to hold the chair and stage for a long time because if they leave their seats, the other people will take them.

the chair fixed people at wedding

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