Deewar-E-Meharbani Or ‘Wall Of Kindness’ Making Pakistan Proud

We live in an era where every single person is busy in making his own life happy. There are only few people who think about others and try to contribute in any way either small or big to improvise the lives of needy.

The small action that a few people take can become a revolution in future, no one knows!

The Wall of Kindness is a Non Profit Organization started by Students.

Wall of Kindness

The wall of kindness is a Non Profit organization that was started by the students from different universities. It is a very positive action taken by a group of students to help those in Peshawar who are deprived of clothes.

It is an initiative taken by a group named ‘Serve Mankind’.

Serve Mankind wall of kindness

It is an initiative taken by a group named ‘Serve Mankind’. It is a youth group. People come and leave their spare cloth on this wall. If there is someone who needs clothes, that deserving candidate can bring the cloth to their home. This is how they are helping the needy. It may not be seen as a high level project, but it is very helpful for the people of Khyber Pakhtoonkha especially in the winter season.

What is the Moto of this Cause.

This Non Profit organization does have a very impressive moto as shown below:

Life is short, Be kind

“Life is short, Be kind.”

This moto was the main idea in their mind and the representative of ‘Serve Mankind’ has told the media that this compaign was started in Peshawar after watching a similar compaign running in Iran.

But Why This initiative was selected, why not any other.


The initiators have clarified that this step was taken to build a positive image of Peshawar and KPK. There are many such happenings that present the negative image of the city and the province, this was the only opportunity to present a positive side.

Most importantly, it will spread a positive image of Pakistan globally and the world will see that how the people of Pakistan are working for the noble causes. They will come to know who the real Pakistanis are?

How is the response of this positive compaign.

response of Deewar-e-Meharbaani

The response of this small compaign is enormously positive. If the sources are believed, more than 1000 individuals came to donate the dresses for this wall of kindness.

How ‘Wall of Kindness or Deewar-e-Meharbaani is promoted.

moto of wall of kindness

The initiators are using Social media to promote this step. They also spread the message to donate through their friends and families and it has really helped them a lot, As they are achieving what they wanted to achieve.

The project was started from Karachi.

Karachi deewar e meharbani

This project was started from the biggest city of the country Karachi. Later it was introduced in a proper manner by painting the walls in KPK. The team should keep on working like this, they should try to bring this idea in every city of Pakistan so the noble cause can work in the whole country and the needy can get the benefit.

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