10 Things Happen When You Decide To Enjoy Desi Family Vacations

Desi family will remain Desi, no matter to which area they belong. They will show you their hidden talent and stuff every time, whether it is your family function or the time Desi Family Vacations. People go for vacations in order to relax, but when you decided to go for vacations with your Desi family, the meaning of relaxation will be too different.

So have you decided to go for vacations with your sweet Desi family? Just read this article before you go and you will come to know these 10 things happen when you decide to enjoy your vacations with your Desi family.

1. Even we know that there are still two months remaining for the desi family vacations, but they will start the preparations like, what to wear, where to live, whether there will be single rooms for every family or the large area to live together.

plan the desi family vacations

2. Desi family will pack their bags like they are going for vacations for 2 years. The shirts, pants, caps, gloves, leggings, socks and many pairs of shoes will be there in a luggage.

when you pack your bags for vacations

3. Firstly the big announcement on the bus will be, “Sab aytul kursi parh lo pehle, safar shuru hone lga hai”.

pray before travelling

4. Our Desi family is just too concerned about the food and to eat the food timely. When the tour starts, they will ask you again and again, beta cake kha lo, beta juice peena hai? Maryam tum ne subha bhi kuch ni khaya chalo aa k vegetable rice khao.

forced to eat while travelling

5. They always want to book the neat and clean and amazing hotel to live in. After check in, elders want everyone to sleep so that at 5 am, they can wake up, warna thakawat ho jayeghi.

when desi parents want you to sleep earlier

6. Desi family just want fun in the safe place just like to hang out near the beach or the picnic spot will be the best.

people on picnic

7. The games in the Desi family are so simple, just like Ludo and young ones just hate it.

games during vacations with desi family

8. Desi aunties will make a gang just for the gossips, “wese shukar hai woh bashira nahin aye, aiwaen ghoorti rehti hai”. This sort of gossip is very common, in short “chugliyan”.

gosssips are must during vacations

9. Analyzing everyone, especially the couples by saying, “tobha kitne begherti hai idhar”.

analysing the couple

10. Chalo sub ready ho jao, it’s time to take a family photo!

family photo is must on vacations

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