8 Desi Mothers Favorite Moments That Leads To Broken Head Dialogues

When our Desi mothers are worried or angry at anything they’ll try to spoil everyone’s mood with her lecture. We know our Desi Mothers Favorite Moments which they love to have in their life. Many times this lecture proved to be very calm and funny, but on the other hand you can see her angry face.

Desi mothers are now the favorite topic for all the people because they have some sort of different sense of humor, which is enough to bring smile on anyone’s face. Let’s see the 8 most epic SAR TORNEY wale moments for Desi mothers or you can say that these are most favorite moments that leads to head broken dialogues.

Don’t try to challenge your Desi Mothers Favorite Moments otherwise be ready to face epic dialogues.

1. When you don’t want to do any work, but your mother warns you because the result will be too awkward. It is among one of the Desi Mothers Favorite Moments.

Desi Mothers Favorite Moments

The first SAR TURWANE wala moment especially for lazy girls.

2. When you awake too late and found your mom sitting near your bed just starring at you. Let the lecture begins!

head broken dialogue

So girls, did you face this sort of situation ever in your life?

3. At night, when you are listening the songs and your mother arrived at the spot secretly.

broken head dialogues

You can find this situation in the house of every Desi family.

4. When your mother emotionally blackmails you at a very serious situation.


Do whatever you want your mother cannot forget her favorite dialogue.

5. Another SAR TORNE wala lecture, which will start from the childhood of your mother till your age.

desi mother behaviour

You must do the same stuff which you Desi mother used to do in her childhood.

6. Your mother’s reaction when you came late at home. Get ready to bang your head on the wall.

mothers favorite reaction

Don’t try to underestimate your Desi mother, she knows everything.

7. That SAR TORNE wali thinking in your mother’s head when you are using phone in front of her.

desi mother thoughts

Absolutely LOL moment for today’s generation.

8. It’s time to reply to Desi mother’s reaction, where she only says that she will break your head but didn’t do anything in reality.

epic desi moments

Our Desi moms are so innocent and sweet who always want happiness for their children, but they are experts in making phrases on their owns and one of most common phrases are SAR TO DUN GHI.

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