List Of 8 Things That Will Make Your Desi Parents Crazy

Our Desi parents are the best parents in the world, who will not leave you alone in any difficult situation. You love your parents because they will always support you until and unless you have not done anything that make Desi Parents Crazy.

Where we know our Desi parents, we also know ourselves and we can’t leave them in the real comfort. Every time they, especially our moms are eager to use the dialogue, “PTA NAHIN KAB JAAN CHORO GE TUM LOG MERI” and we are like, NEVER 😀

Here is the list of 8 things that will make your Desi Parents Crazy.

1. Giving answer to their questions!

They used to ask difficult questions and when we tried to give them answers, they always say that “ZABAAN MAT CHALAO HAMARE AAGE”. Trust me, we have not any intention to behave like that in front of Desi parents and we can’t even talk back to them.

when desi parents dont like your response

2. Leaving the used stuff anywhere will definitely make your Desi Parents Crazy!

These parents, especially our ammian hate this. They hate when you don’t place your used stuff the way it should be placed on just like a glass of water or shoes. Her ultimate dialogue will be “HATH TOOT JAYEN TUM LOGON K”.

Desi Parents Crazy

3. At the time of brushing our hair!

Did you brush your hair? If yes, then don’t forget to clean it otherwise your mom will blow your mind by asking whose hair is this?

desi mother reaction

4. Use mobile phone in front of them!

Aagye shaamat – situation will be there if you will use your mobile phone in front of your parents. So be aware to not turn your vibration ON.

when you use mobile in front of parents

5. Darwaaza zor se kiyun maara?

They sometimes don’t care about you, because the doors of home are more important than you. So follow the command of your parents to shut your door calmly.

desi parents stuff

6. Yeh time hai khaane ka???

You should be aware to not eat midnight otherwise the lecture will begin and you cannot get rid of it. Sometimes you just don’t want to eat with others and the best moment of eating is, to eat in your own room in front of your T.V.

desi parents reaction on eating

7. Bikhra hua kamra!

Don’t dare to leave your room tidy because our mothers just love to work all the time and their top priority is to investigate like, “KAHIN KOI KHILARA TOH NI HAI”

reaction on tidy room

8. Dressing problem!

The biggest problem, especially in the case of girls. Your parents want to see you in full clothes with dupatta. In case of boys, don’t try to be funky because your parents just hate this all. The top comments by your parents will be “behuda”, “waahiyati”, “lafanga” and many more…

dressing problem

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