9 Desi Silly Things Our Mothers Do In Front Of Rishtedaar

Desi moms are always helpful who praise their children more in front of so called relatives, but in reality they are ready to scold you in every situation by doing Desi Silly things. The reason is they want to hide the real side of their children if they are with other people.

The funny lies and unbelievable truths will definitely put you in the scariest situation that are you dreaming or not! Desi moms always do silly, but funny things in front of every RISHTEDAAR. So we have collected some of these situations for you to make your day.

Have a look at these comical moments!

1. When your relative has any son of your daughter’s age, your mother act like her daughter is so GUNI.

silly things by desi moms

2. When you heard those words which your ears want to listen daily through your mom.

desi mom phrases

3. When the silly lie came into your life from your mother, this time the situation is serious.

 Desi Moms In Front Of Rishtedaar

4. When you are out, but your relatives ask for you, your mother will become the officially innocent MOM.

Desi Silly Things

5. Desi Silly Things – Your reaction when your mother started teasing you in front of relatives. Too much overconfident!

overconfident mom

6. You came across your RISHTA DAAR “PHUPPO” and your mother is like.

desi phupho fear

7. If you touch any food in front of your relatives, your mother will become the real HUNTER.

huntre mom

8. When your mother calls you by your nicknames and your relative expressions be like.

nicknames by mom

9. And when your guest leaves, your mother will teach you the real lesson.

lesson by moms

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