7 Unique Desserts You Should Try At The Sweet Tooth Lahore Pakistan

Who doesn’t love chocolates? I guess chocolates are the best thing ever created and the time has gone when you had to wait for your relatives outside the Pakistan to bring some imported chocolates. We have amazing cafes and bakeries opened on every corner of Pakistan, which are enough for you to have some chocolaty glimpse. As there are many unique dessert shops you can visit in Pakistan, but nowadays The Sweet Tooth Lahore has something that can’t be seen in any other shop.

The Sweet Tooth Lahore provides you the finger-licking food items, which you can’t forget ever in your life. These items are super sweet and tasty that one will not think twice before ordering them. So let the ride begin of top 7 unique desserts you should try at The Sweet Tooth Lahore. Yummilicious items ahead!

1. Chocolate Gol Gappay

If you want something unique and extra original, then must visit The Sweet Tooth Lahore because they are offering you Chocolate Gol Gappay. Coated with nuts and chocolates, these are served with candies to give you mouthwatering taste. The ice cream, brownie pieces, strawberries and nuts will be served too to fill your Gol Gappays with. Actually, this treat is a blast!

chocolate gol gappay by the sweet tooth lahore

2. Chocolate Burger

Have you ever thought to eat burger with the dark chocolate patty instead of a kebab? Yes, your dream comes true, because The Sweet Tooth Lahore has chocolate burger in their menu for those who are dealing with bad days. The giant burger should be the next stuff to eat.

chocolate burger in pakistan

3. The Chocolate Fudge Sizzler

According to The Sweet Tooth Lahore Pakistan, this chocolate fudge sizzler is a sizzling sensation that has taken Pakistan by storm! Well, we should agree because this chocolate fudge is extremely hot and delicious to handle. The bubbly hot chocolate in the tray will give you some chocolaty goals and the fudge and ice cream scoop on the top is something to eat must.

the fudge sizzler in lahore cafe

4. Vanilla Caramel Crunch

This vanilla caramel crunch is known as one of the celebrity shakes. The vanilla touch has out of the world taste and it is blended with caramel one can desire. Not only in taste, this celebrity shake demonstrates the great piece of art and you will must think twice whether to drink it or not in order to not destroy it’s presentation.

famous caramel shake

5. Death By Chocolate Shake

We all know the exact taste of death by chocolate cake, but one can’t ever think about the death by chocolate unique shake, the Sweet Tooth is offering you. It’s a legend shake, which is full of chocolate touch and having some Nutella ice cream blended with a brownie. So, must make a plan to visit this mouthwatering place!

the sweet tooth lahore menu

6. Chocolate Pizza

Yes, it’s true, you can have your own chocolate pizza at the Sweet Tooth. No cheese, no chicken and no olives. Because it gives you only chocolate. So forget about the price and rush to eat this scrumptious chocolate pizza. Don’t miss the chance!

chocolate pizza slice

7. Live Ice Cream

The best thing about visiting the Sweet Tooth Lahore is to enjoy the live ice cream. Firstly, you can choose milk, then you can choose your flavor of ice cream, they will freeze this and then you can choose your topping according to your taste. The next step is, You Eat!

sweet tooth famous ice cream cone

What’s your favorite dessert? Comment below!