12 Different People You Meet In College/University

Most of us experience a life of college/university. These kind of people are found there must. Whenever we remember that life, we always remember these different people with the certain names associated with them. You also have seen these in your life too.

1. The one who has all the notes.

There is one such student in every class who prepare notes properly. This person gets a certain fame before the exams season and everyone gets busy in searching him.

different people with notes

2. One who get notes from every student on the last day.

There are some students who never attend classes and still manage to have proxies and start collecting notes on the very last day before exams. 😀

students in universities

3. The different people who just come to have fun.

There is a special group found in every class who never studies but always go out to have fun. Statuses on social media are regularly seen by them.

people having fun

4. One student who always yawn in the class.

There are a few exceptional students who reserve a seat for them and never take a lecture but yawn. There yawn is the most irritating thing for the one who is sitting with him and the whole class.

student yawning in class

5. A nerd who is never satisfied with the teacher.

There is always one student in class who always point out teacher during every lecture. His interference in every point irritates rest of the students badly.

types of students

6. Love birds.

A couple or sometimes a number of couples are found in every class to make others believe in love. They keep on sitting with each other and make single feel more deprived. 😀

love birds in university

7. Burger students.

Every class must have some students who are famous in others as ‘burgers’. These students are wealthier and come up in a big car and everyone loves to become their friend.

wealthier students in college

8. Annoying student.

There are some students present in every class who do those things that you never like, For example cigarette in their hands or these sort of things. You get annoyed by just seeing them once.

annoying people in universities

9. One who never studies but get good grades.

There is always one exceptional student in class who is very intelligent to score well without studying.

intelligent student in college

10. Cheating experts.

You will see cheating experts in every class. These students will be in a great number in the universities and colleges of Pakistan.

sudent doing cheating

11. Borrower who never returns your money.

You always meet one person at uni/college who take money from you but never return it back. He always keeps on saying ‘don’t you trust me?’.

the weird borrower in college

12. Gossip queens.

This group of girls is certainly found in every class which knows nothing but to pass comment on others on their back. They are those who don’t have the courage to speak on your face.

gossip queens in uni

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