Disneyland Like Theme Park Near Lahore Is Planned To Open Soon

What’s so interesting than the Disneyland like theme park near Lahore? Not for only kids, the thrilling way to entertain every person of any age is what theme parks are made for. According to reports, an investment group from Oman and Greece will build a Disneyland like theme park near Lahore.

The site selected for this amazing theme park is near M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. Along with the investment groups, local engineers have inspected the location too. In the past, a Chinese investment company showed interest in this theme park, but due to some reasons, they withdrew. They choose the same location M-2 Motorway Lahore-Islamabad near Kala Shah Kaku for theme park and aquarium.

Disneyland like theme park near Lahore is one of the biggest projects

Although there are lots of amusement parks in Lahore, Pakistan, but this is expected to be the biggest one. According to The Express Tribune, “Lahore Division Commissioner Abdullah Khan Sumbal told foreign investors that the government would encourage investment in the theme park as per the provisions of the law. The Punjab government would connect the facility to the motorway through three different routes and provide electricity as well as other infrastructure. However, the land would be acquired by investors after the signing of a formal agreement.”

The Lahoris should be very excited after hearing that news. Moreover, the Disneyland like theme park would also have an aquarium, shopping centers, a five-star hotel and also a roller coaster ride.

What do you think whether the government has taken a good step or not? Does Lahore need any theme park? Share with us your suggestions!

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