The Top 7 Disneyland Superb Facts You Must Know!

Disneyland is the most amusing and fun theme park in the world where everyone desires to go to. Have you ever thought to know all the secrets which are hidden somewhere in the Disneyland? There are millions of people who are unaware of these Disneyland Superb Facts.

From shopping to watching extraordinary Disney characters, everyone seems to have a good time because hidden Mickeys are located all over the land. Let us surprise you by listing charming facts about the giant Disneyland. Have a look at them!

1. Disneyland Superb Facts – The Beautiful Edible Plants

In Disneyland, you can enjoy the best plants that look like you are in the food farm where you can eat what you want. Visitors come there and enjoy this food area known as Tomorowland.

Beautiful Edible Plants in disneland

2. Hush-hush Suite in Cinderella’s Castle

This awesome suite was constructed for Walt Disney and his family, but he passed away before giving his apartment a final look. There are 24 karat gold tiles and suit includes glass windows with mirror work as television too. Now Disney gives families the chance to stay here after winning any competition.

Disneyland Superb Facts

3. Lilly Belle Car

This car was named after the wife of Walt Disney “Lillian” so wake up early and go for a ride in this memorable car after reservation. It is located at the end of Disneyland’s C.K.

Lilly Belle Car in Disneyland

4. The Magical Tea Cups

The tea party ride has 18 tea cups with beautiful functions having different speeds. The tea cups with hearts have the slowest speed, the orange cups with diamonds and the purple cups have fastest speeds.

Magical Tea Cups at disneyland

5. Musical Manhole Cover

There is Mickey’s Toontown in the Disneyland having a fountain with musical instruments. The same instruments will be found on the manhole cover which displays the sound when you jumped on.

Musical Manhole Cover at disneyland

6. Hidden Mickeys

In all over the park, there are thousands of hidden Mickeys of tourist attractions. You can find these Mickeys everywhere in hotels, parks and restaurants. The three circles can easily make this Mickey, one large circle as head and two small circles represent ears.

Hidden Mickeys in disneyland

7. Free Amazing Buttons

The sweepers at the Disneyland are playing the good job by spreading happiness between the guests. By  keeping the park clean, they are also giving free buttons to the visitors and they are experts by drawing the Disney characters with their broom.

Free Amazing Buttons in disneyland

Go there as soon as possible and capture the amazing moments of your life by knowing more Disneyland Superb Facts!

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